6 Best 9V Batteries For Active Pickups In 2022

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Active pickups have always been designed with coils of wire around a magnet, however, they are said not to utilize many windings.

Its signal passes via a built-in preamp that increases the level of the signal and also applies EQ as well as filters on the signal.

In other words, active pickups are a sort of combination of a pickup and a booster pedal all in the same housing. Now that the term is clear to us, what are the best batteries for active pickups?

Active pickups are said to have a much higher output than their passive counterparts since they depend on a source of power such as a battery.

Essentially, active pickups will give your sound more power and also give you a more reliable tone much more than the passive variety.

Active pickups are also powered by a set of batteries installed in the guitar. On the other hand, passive pickup guitars may not require the use of batteries for them to work, which is a feature that contrasts sharply to what obtains in active pickups.

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Before you venture into buying batteries for your active pickup guitars, it is highly advisable that you know as much as possible about what is it you should look for in batteries that will enable them to serve you more satisfactorily.

The first and most important quality of any battery used in active pickups is its ability to last for as long as possible without any depreciation or fall in its power supply.

Expectedly, active pickup batteries are expected to last for very long, although that depends on how often you use the guitar in the first place.

Commonly, active pickup guitars use 9-volt batteries or any standard disposable batteries, although both work quite fine. Hence, these batteries are expected to last for between 1000 and 4000 hours of battery life.

All good and reliable batteries should not contain substances that are known to be environmentally harmful, such as cadmium and mercury.

In addition, batteries meant for use in active pickup guitars should not leak or suffer from damage during storage.

For instance, it is a common complaint that some batteries run down totally while still in storage, and when they are finally installed, the instruments may begin to blink as a sign that denotes low-power batteries.

Also, good batteries are supplied on very customer-friendly terms such that you can return them if necessary for either a refund or replacement of the product from the suppliers.

Batteries that are popular for use in virtually all common household gadgets should be readily available in most retail outlets such that you can get them for purchase whenever the need arises.

Again, recommended batteries should enjoy impressive customer reviews from those who have had first-hand knowledge of the product since they have used them previously.

Finally, good batteries should be sold at affordable prices too without any compromise in their durability or quality of service, and they should not be affected by moderate temperature increases.

For this reason, the batteries should not be stored at either high or low temperatures. Consequently, they should only be stored in cool and dry places, but not in the refrigerator.

Some Recommended Batteries For Active Pickups

(1). Allmax 9v maximum power alkaline batteries

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These alkaline batteries are known to be very long-lasting with about 7 years of shelf life. Apart from this, they are also leak-proof and compatible with most household equipment, not just active pick-up guitars.

To this effect, they can be used in smoke detectors, fire alarms, analog clocks, calculators, and so on. They do not contain any environmentally harmful substances like mercury or cadmium. In addition, they are also reclosable and impact-resistant during haulage.


  • They are as durable as is required and readily available worldwide.
  •  Are not hazardous to the environment since they contain neither mercury nor cadmium.


  • Sometimes, the supply pack may contain a little fewer than the actual number of cells that should be in each supply pack.
  • They are not rechargeable.
  •  There are instances where buyers complained of the battery having drained before purchase.

(2). Duracell Coppertop AAA alkaline batteries combo pack

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They are also alkaline batteries renowned for their durability and long-lasting qualities. Like most other batteries of some distinction, they are compatible with most common household equipment like smoke detectors, fire alarms, and children’s toys as well as many others too.

They can also provide extra power in some devices and extra life in others. These optimum batteries are packaged with a resealable storage tray, which provides a more reliable means of storage.

Possible defects in both workmanship and material are reduced to the barest minimum, if not eliminated. They are guaranteed to remain in storage for upwards of 10 years without any damage, leaks, or denaturation.(Read Also:6 Best Battery Tender For Diesel Truck In 2022)


  •  They are safe in the environment when disposed of due to the non-inclusion of any poisonous chemicals in them.
  • The batteries are readily available at most reputable retail outlets for purchase.


  •  They must not be disposed of in fire for fear of explosion.
  •  Do not mix well with other batteries.
  • There are complaints of the pack containing fewer than the stated number of batteries that should be in the pack.

(3). Impecca 9 volt batteries super alkaline ultra-lasting batteries

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They are ultra lasting and very durable like their competitors on the market, if not more so. These alkaline batteries are also leak-proof and suitable for a range of equipment in addition to active pickup guitars.(Read Also:6 Best 9V Battery For Bass Guitar In 2022)

Specifically, they are said to have a 5-year leak-resistant shelf life. They are sold on terms that are very agreeable to the customers in most retail stores around you. These refinement and impressive qualities are attributable to excellent workmanship and the high-end materials used in their designs.


  •  The product is available in most places.
  •  They are not poisonous to the environment when disposed of.


  •  They may explode or cause injuries when disposed of in the fire.
  • Storage should be done properly, but not by carrying them loose in the pockets.

(4). Fuji Enviromax 4600BP1 Enviro Max 9 Volt Super Alkaline Battery

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Like all other batteries, they are environmentally respectful and yet very powerful. Their durability and stable power supply are exemplary.

They are also ideal for use in most gadgets at home or office. Most of the materials used in their design are both recyclable and reusable as well.(Read Also: 6 Best Rechargeable AA Batteries For Wireless Microphones In 2022)

They exceed both the performance and longevity of most other popular brands on the market. They are sold on terms that are friendly to the customers such as lengthy guarantees and warranty provisions. Also, their prices are lenient and commensurate with the quality of service they give.


  •  Are readily suitable for most of your equipment at home.
  •  They are reliable and widely sold all over the world.


  • They can leak or depreciate if stored badly.
  • There is a complaint about their failure in some gadgets on the first installation.

(5). 1 PC Size 9V Panasonic Batteries Super Heavy Duty Power Zinc Carbon

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They are also alkaline batteries that are sold at very affordable prices without any loss in their qualities. In addition, they can be found available in most places.

The product hardly gets affected during storage. The supply of these batteries is done with a long guarantee and warranty terms.

They are suitable for gadgets like toys, fire alarms, clocks, and calculators. They do not contain any mercury or cadmium, which are substances that are poisonous to the environment when disposed of improperly.


  •  They are safe for use at home or office.
  •  The product does not pose any threat to soil fertility when discarded after use.
  • This unique product enjoys very impressive customer reviews worldwide.


  •  These batteries may explode if disposed of in the fire.
  •  The quantity in the pack can sometimes differ from what should be in it.
  • There are complaints of depreciation during storage in a few cases.

(6). Eveready Heavy Duty 1222BP 9 Volt Battery

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As expected, the product is very long-lasting as well as compatible with common domestic gadgets like calculators, fire alarms, toys, and a host of others.

They can be stored for several years without the fear of any leaks or damage. They do not constitute any threat to the environment since they contain neither mercury nor cadmium.

They are supplied to customers with possible refund or replacement, if and when necessary. For the excellent quality of their power supply, their prices are very agreeable to most people. Finally, you can get them for purchase easily wherever you may be.

Fluctuations in their power supply capacity are hardly known or reported, especially when stored correctly, and they can last for up to 10 years under ideal conditions for proper storage.


  •  They do not contain either mercury or cadmium, which can damage the fertility of the soil.
  • They can cause burn injuries or a fire hazard if discarded carelessly after use.
  •  The batteries may not work when installed backward or wrongly.

Frequently asked questions( FAQs)

(1) What are active pickups?

Active pickups are guitars that use a sort of powered circuit or preamp to produce a signal. Most notably, active pickups still utilize both magnets and coils in their designs, although their circuits are always ‘active’.

Because of this special provision, their output is commonly higher than those with fewer coils, a fact which results in more gain, more distinction, but reduced background interference.

Active pickups are a lot more preferred than passive pickups due to their higher output and less susceptibility to external interference. They provide a better signal in the cords, which causes less noise from the guitar.

(2). Where do batteries go in active pickups?

Specifically, all active pickup built-in preamps are powered by batteries that are commonly installed in the guitar. However, the position of the battery slots may differ depending on the model, make and type of guitar you use, although a careful inspection will reveal the actual place, which is, for the most part, sited visibly.

(3). How long do active pickup batteries last?

How long active pickup batteries last will depend on several factors. First, your batteries are likely to last longer if you use them less often.

Similarly, you tend to prolong their life span if you remove them after use. In addition, they should also be stored properly to prevent damage or leakage and to also increase their longevity as well.

The types of batteries you buy are equally a factor that counts for something when it comes to how long the batteries will last. This is because some batteries are of higher quality than others, which is much the reason why you should be careful of the kind of battery you buy.

Despite all these intervening factors, active pickup batteries can last for as long as about 1000 to 4000 hours even with frequent uses.

Your active pickup guitar will exhibit very clear signs whenever the batteries need replacement. In such situations, you are likely going to observe a noticeable fall in the strength of the signal, gain, and output. This commonly happens when the battery has only about 20 percent power left in it.

Best 9V Batteries For Active Pickups – Conclusion

Quite unlike the popular misconception that batteries are just batteries, which is a misnomer, it is now very clear that batteries come with various features, qualities, and several provisions that either make them bad or good, as the case may be.

To this effect, you should always look for long-lasting batteries, that do not depreciate while in storage or during use.

Also, it is highly recommended that you choose only batteries that are not likely to cause any environmental hazards when discarded eventually after use.

This is because some batteries are known to contain poisonous chemical substances that can pollute the environment like mercury and cadmium.

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