6 Best 9V Battery For Guitar Pedals In 2022

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There are several features or qualities you should look out for when buying a 9V battery meant for use in guitar pedals.

Commonly, guitar pedals can be powered by a battery especially since doing this will reduce how much wire you use in the pedal, and also make it more convenient to carry along while on journeys too.

All the same, you should know that there are disadvantages to using batteries as against using a steady and decent power supply from the public grid.

For example, you haven’t the slightest idea how much power is left, should you use the wrong battery due to reduced performance. What are some of the things to consider before getting the correct battery for a guitar pedal?

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In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks Of The Best 9V Battery For Guitar Pedals  In 2022

The 9V guitar pedal batteries(Buyers Guide)

Any good 9.0 V guitar pedal battery should be relied on for its convenience and not just its performance.

Therefore, 9.0V batteries for guitar pedals usually come with comparatively high internal resistance and that makes them much more suitable for even low current devices such as remote control units. They are also relatively cheap considering the value they give.

The zinc chloride types of 9.0V guitar pedal batteries are a significant upgrade over the zinc-carbon types with almost 50 percent greater capacity, higher current output performance,  improved leak resistance, as well as longer shelf lives.

On the other hand, the alkaline types of 9.0 batteries have several advantages of their own over the zinc types. In addition, they also provide a high current output, losing just only about 5 percent of their capacity in twelve months.

Generally speaking, 9.0 guitar pedal batteries have a very high power output, are compatible with many other devices, their output hardly diminishes over time, and are relatively cheap too.

The lithium types of these batteries may be more expensive, but to compensate for that, they have a much higher energy storage density, which can sometimes be up to 5 times more than zinc.

They can also last for very long and are equally suitable for high current demand units. Good guitar pedal batteries last long and have great power, although they can be a little more expensive than the alkaline type, although, so are all quality products.

Alkaline Duracell 9.0V batteries are more affordable and also much less toxic too. Another good thing about alkaline 9.0V batteries compared with most others is the fact that they can also be safely recycled with even household thrash, whereas others like lithium batteries are regarded as environmental hazards, which are potentially reactive especially when they are not disposed of properly.

On the other hand, unlike the alkaline types of 9.0V guitar pedal batteries, the zinc-carbon guitar pedal batteries are not recycled, but luckily, they contain no mercury, and hence can be disposed of in the traditional recycling bin.

Batteries are not just batteries because good 9.0V batteries can be recharged and they discharge at different rates as well.

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Guitar Pedal 9.0 V Battery Reviews

(1). Allmax 9V Maximum Power Alkaline Batteries

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These batteries are ultra long-lasting with a shelf life of close to 7 years. In addition, they are also leakproof, provide maximum power, and are compatible with several other devices too, such as smoke detectors and fire alarms, in addition to guitar pedals.


* They are suitable for most of your common domestic appliances.

* They are sold with the impressive return, refund, or replacement policies such that you are not likely to incur any additional expenses for using them due to this condition.

* These batteries also have a reliable inbuilt Energy Circle Technology to give you maximum power


  • These batteries are not rechargeable.
  • They may leak or explode during recharging.
  • Also, they are not interchangeable with rechargeable batteries.
  • They should not be stored in the refrigerator, but rather, in a cool and dry place only.
  •  They are affected by either high or low temperatures, which can denature them.
  • In most cases, you may require either an adapter or converter before you can use them.

(2). Duracell CopperTop AA Alkaline Batteries Combo Pack

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These alkaline batteries are also guaranteed to last for as long as possible if used according to standard recommendations.

They are equally all-purpose batteries since they can power many other similar devices and not just guitar pedals. This is because they are produced from some of the best materials available from start to finish.

In addition, they are also supplied under the best warranty and guarantee terms for your convenience, which you can get refunded for their worth or get any defective items replaced if and when necessary, provided the item is not tempered with and its packaging is intact.

They are designed with a proprietary cathode system that can deliver extra power in some devices or extra power in others. They are guaranteed against any defects in both their materials and workmanship.(Read Also:6 Best 9V Battery For Bass Guitar In 2022)

To make matters better, if any device is damaged primarily due to any defect in the batteries, the device will either get replaced or repaired for you. You are guaranteed 10 years of efficient service from these batteries from the moment of purchase.


  •  As expected, the items can be refunded, replaced, or returned if found to be defective in any way.
  •  They are multi-purpose since they can be used quite satisfactorily with many household gadgets.


  •  Sometimes, the pack of these batteries may contain less than the stated number of batteries in the pack.
  •  You risk damaging them if you remove them from the pack until you are ready to use or else they deteriorate in quality.
  •  They can explode, leak or lead to burns and other injuries if disposed of in fire, recharged, mixed with other different batteries, inserted backward, or disassembled.
  •  You should not carry them loose in either your pockets or your purse.
  • Their labels should not be removed too.

(3). IMPECCA 9 Volt Batteries Super Alkaline Ultra Long-Lasting Batteries

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Like all other batteries of some distinction, they are high-performance power and all-purpose leak-proof cells for a variety of gadgets and not just guitar pedals.

They give you the best value for money spent. They are covered with a 5-year leak-resistant shelf life, and are sold at pocket-friendly prices without any compromise in their performance. They can last for upwards of 10 years in storage, thus saving you money.

They are produced as AA, AAA, C, D, and 9 Volt batteries in various options and packs. They are also environmentally safe when disposed of since they are both mercury and cadmium-free, a fact which makes them very safe for use either at home or office.


  • You are guaranteed both refund and replacement after purchase if necessary.
  • They can be used conveniently in either high or low power-draining equipment at home or office.


  •  Should be properly disposed of since they can cause accidents if thrown into the naked fire.
  •  Sometimes, if you attempt to recharge them, they may leak or get entirely damaged too.

(4). Fuji Environmax 4600BP1 EnvironMax 9-Volt Super Alkaline Batteries

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They are environmentally safe due to their non-content of hazardous substances like mercury, PVC, or cadmium, which are ideal for most devices used at home apart from guitar pedals,  such as toys, smoke detectors, radios, and clocks.

Specifically, these batteries can be both recycled and reused. In short, they are known to exceed the performance and longevity of most of their competitors on the market.


  •  They are labeled and packaged in recyclable paper and PET plastic.
  •  They are marketed and covered on some of the best customer-friendly terms of both guarantee and warranty.


  •  They can sometimes leak if not properly stored.
  • You may have to purchase either an adapter or a converter before they can work effectively.

(5). 1PC Size Panasonic Batteries Super Heavy Duty Power Zinc Carbon Batteries

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The product is assured to last as long as, if not for longer than most of their competitors on the market. They are also superb for everyday use.

Like most other batteries, they are environmentally friendly, cheap for their excellent services, and are also sold covered with some of the most user-friendly terms and conditions of refund and replacement. You can also find multiple other uses for them at home because of their universality.


  • They do not contain any poisonous substances.
  • The products are readily available almost everywhere.


  •  When disposed of improperly, they can cause fire hazards or burns.
  •  They easily depreciate or get denatured if stored wrongly.

(6). Eveready Heavy Duty 1222BP 9-Volt Battery

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It is a zinc chloride battery with no mercury or other poisonous contents like cadmium. This battery is assured to provide a stable source of power for all compatible gadgets for as long as any other battery on the market, if not more.

Undue and annoying fluctuations in the strength or stability of power supplied by the product are prevented through its unique design and quality of materials.

What’s more, the item is easily available for easy purchase from virtually all accredited suppliers worldwide. Your concerns are of paramount importance in the terms of sale, which you can invoke at your discretion if necessary.


  •  It can be kept in storage for up to a decade without the fear of damage or depreciation, as long as stated conditions of storage are obeyed fully.
  •  They are widely available wherever you may live.


  •  If used with other batteries, it can easily affect their power supply stability and cause rapid depreciation.
  • They are sometimes said to fail on the first installation after purchase due to possible power depletion in storage.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

(1). How long can a 9V battery power a guitar pedal?

It is claimed that one can run all the pedals of a guitar from just one power supply box and outlet. All things being equal, a medium 9Volt battery can last for as long as about 8 hours in a guitar or even a little longer, bearing in mind that different guitar pedals have different power requirement capacities. It can also take about 45 minutes for these batteries to recharge if they are rechargeable.

(2). Can I use any 9 volts adapter for the guitar pedal?

As long as the pedal indicates that it runs between 9 to 18 volts, it implies that it can accept voltages within the range.

In other words, you can safely run a 9, 12, or even 18 volts power supply without any issues. You should know that any 9 volts battery with the correct polarity used is capable of supplying enough amperes of current (about 250 milliamperes) to enable it to work just fine. You are well provided with the voltages to meet up properly.

(3). Are all guitar pedals 9V?

Most guitar pedals need 9 Volts to run their pedals efficiently. However, this does not mean that there are no pedals that require more voltage to run.

For example, consider the Fulltone OCD, which runs on any of 9, 12, or even 18 volts. Therefore, all guitars can run on 9 volts, even though some can run on higher voltages.

Best 9V Battery For Guitar Pedals – Conclusion

All guitar pedals run on 9 volts, but there are still others that can run on higher voltages, like 12 and 18 volts as well. Before buying any guitar pedal battery, make sure that you fully know what you are looking for.

The criteria enumerated earlier in the articles make it abundantly clear how you can effectively make such an informed choice of the unit.

As long as the voltage of the battery measures up to that of the guitar, it can run it effectively. The storage of these items should be also done as recommended by the manufacturers for fear of any leakages, damage, or explosion.

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