3 Best Battery Charger For BMW e90 In 2022

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Known as a car for the “perfect gentleman”, the BMW E90 series was in constant upgrade between the year 2004 to 2013, and owing one of these “babies” will definitely be a dream for many around the world.

It’s no wonder you desire the best battery charger for BMW e90 since you own one of the best brands in the automobile industry – the BMW brand.

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In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top Picks Of The  Best Battery Charger For BMW e90 In 2022

Product NameFeaturesPrice
(Our # 1 Pick) Schumacher DSR125 ProSeries 10Amp 6V/12V 4-BankIt is very versatile and easy to use, It comes highly recommended even with its high costCheck Price
(Best Overall) CTEK (56-353) MULTI US 7002 12-Volts Battery ChargerIt comes highly recommended for
BMW vehicles, It comes with glowing remarks in terms of reviving flat batteries
Check Price
(Best Value) Battery Tender 10 AMP rapid battery chargerIt is very easy to use with your battery, It's versatility of Battery Tender 10AMP rapid chargerCheck Price
 Not all car chargers are suited for a BMW e90 because the batteries used are AGM batteries, and since not all battery chargers are suitable for AGM batteries, one has to look properly before leaping into the market.

Asides from damaging the lifespan of your battery, buying just any kind of battery charger are generally not considered ideal for your BMW e90 or any smart car model, because there is a huge difference between a traditional battery charger and a smart battery charger.  

Here are other benefits of getting the right battery charger for your BMW e90.

Expert Tips For Getting The Right Charger For Your BMW e90 

Restores A Dead Battery

Have you ever been to the mechanic’s workshop and they tell you the reason your car isn’t starting is due to a dead battery? Well, what if I told you that scenario could have been totally avoided if only you used the right charger for your car battery? Besides, you could always revive a dead battery with a smart battery charger like one of the few I will be reviewing shortly. (Read Also: 4 Best Car Battery Charger For Electrolysis In 2022)

It Charges Your Battery Better

Like I stated earlier, not all battery chargers are ideal for a BMW e90 battery because of the AGM status, and that’s why you would agree with me that normal battery chargers will simply just transfer electricity between the battery and the power source, but a smart battery charger has a level of communication with your car battery whilst inspecting the condition.

This process gives the battery charger the knowledge of knowing the exact amount of power the battery needs to make it charge faster and adequately. Smart chargers are also known to modulate the voltage input, thereby protecting sensitive parts from damage caused by a surge in current.

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It Saves Money And Time In The Long Run

While some people might site the price range of smart car battery chargers as an excuse, you will be amazed at how fast, efficient, and cost-effective a smart battery charger can be in the long run.

These chargers are designed to know the state of a battery when connected, as well as initiate the proper line of action needed to remedy the situation – it’s like going to the hospital and getting the right diagnosis for the problem, and also given the right drug to tackle the situation. it works magic every single time!

This also means that you don’t have to spend money on replacement or repairs which can be easily attributed to bad battery chargers – that’s killing two birds with one stone – time and cost. 

Prevents Against Shocks, Sparks, And Battery Explosion

There have been cases of battery explosion due to tripping incidents that are likely to occur when you simply use generic chargers.

There have also been cases where persons have placed a negative head on the positive terminal which will always result in sparks when using generic chargers, but that’s not the case with smart chargers as there are designed to prevent reverse polarity, and will simply cause it not work until you place the connections correctly.(Read Also: 6 Best 9V Battery For Guitar Pedals In 2022)

Durable Construction

Imagine having a car battery charger that can be used in any sort of environment or weather condition. That’s what a smart battery charger will give you.

Despite their beautiful appearance, these chargers are designed to work in extreme weather conditions and are generally simpler and economical to use due to their complex circuitry features.    

 Most car companies have insisted on smart chargers for their batteries, and the BMW car franchise is no exception. 

In picking the right battery charger for your vehicle, especially the BMW e90 there are certain factors you have to get acquainted with, and these factors are outlined below. (Read Also:Can You Use A Car Battery For Electrolysis?)

Factors To Consider When Buying A Battery Charger For Your BMW e90 – Buyer’s Guide

Know The Type Of Car Battery You Have 

If you have read through this article to this point, you would have noticed where I mentioned that BMW e90 car batteries are AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries. However, if you desire this information for another vehicle type, the type of car battery your car uses is likely to be located on the battery’s label, or the manufacturer’s website.

It should also interest you to know that most 12-volt batteries are mostly lead-calcium batteries and lithium batteries. However, you will always be on the safer side if you know the exact kind of battery your car uses.

How Often Do You Use Your Car?

This question is relevant if you need the battery charger for either charging, battery maintenance, or both. However, here is the difference; charging your car battery is done when you need to recharge a dead or flat car battery till it becomes full – a battery maintenance routine is when you simply need to top up the current in your battery, and all these procedures are determined by how often you use your car. 

For instance, there are cases where you don’t drive your car to work often due to the proximity of your working place to your house – however, you would still want your battery to be charged regardless of how often you use it – such cases would require a battery charger for battery maintenance.

But when you drive your car very often, then you will need a battery charger designed for battery charging. The reason for this is due to the amount of voltage each type of battery charger transmits to the battery during usage.

If you use a vehicle less often, then you should go for a smart charger with low current transmission – such chargers will keep your battery fully charged even when you don’t use it. Some smart chargers are capable of handling both sceneries, which would be a plus in its own right. (Read Also:Does Bluetooth Keyboard Drain Battery?)

Environmental Concerns

You should consider the environment where you are to charge your BMW e90 car battery. Some smart chargers are waterproof, which makes them durable for outdoor purposes, while others are dustproof, and so on. While many persons might seem to neglect this point, you shouldn’t.

Know The Amp Rating Of Your Car Battery

For a BMW e90, the standard rating should be between 80Ah, 90Ah, or 110Ah but ideally, the rating is 100Ah (based on calculation) however, the closest value to your car battery’s Ah should be used.

You are advised to use only the recommended replacement batteries, and here is why; if your BMW e90 came with an 80Ah battery and you decide to replace it with a 90Ah battery, your car will only charge it to the recommended 80Ah, thereby making a cut of 10Ah which might not be sufficient, and you are likely to see the battery warning light on the dashboard even if the battery is in good condition.(Read Also: 4 Best Battery Charger For Jeep Wrangler In 2022)

This vital information can be found by looking at your batter’s label or checking the battery manufacturer’s site.

Pick Only The Right Charger Output For Your Battery

It is standard procedure for a charger to be 10% minimum of the batteries Ah, for instance, a battery with a 100Ah reading will require a 10Amp charger minimum. Anything less will be considered inappropriate for your BMW e90 battery. The higher the amp, the faster your battery charges, and vice-versa.

After reading several reviews and going through several opinions on major BMW e90 forums online, I was able to come up with the top 3 highly recommended best battery chargers for BMW e90. I also took out time to research their pros and cons, so do well to see which one works for you. Let’s take a look.  

1. CTEK (56-353) MULTI US 7002 12-Volts Battery Charger

I visited over 10-BMW forums on the internet, and there was no forum where I didn’t see more than 4-persons recommending the CTEK brand. It’s definitely the one brand on many lips, and it’s easy to see why. Here is what the manufacturers have to say.

Check Price On Amazon

Product Features (What The Manufacturer Had To Say)

Charging Current And Voltage Reading

The CTEK 7002 12-Volts battery charger is designed to deliver a charging current of 7A whilst delivering an output voltage of 12V, and an input voltage of 100-120VAC, 50-60Hz.

Multiple Modes For Multiple Conditions

Unlike many products in the market, the CTEK 7002 12-Volts battery charger is designed to deliver current to your battery based on the weather condition.

For instance, the normal mode is for most Gel batteries in wet weather conditions, the cold weather mode is recommended for weather conditions less than 41 degrees Fahrenheit, the supply mode is for maintenance purposes and it doesn’t exceed a 13.6V supply voltage, and the Recond mode is perfect for batteries that are flat or severely low – it’s the complete all-in-one pack.(Read Also:6 Best Battery For Vexilar In 2022)

Suitable For Harsh Weather Conditions

Despite its pretty looks, the CTEK 7002 12-Volts battery charger is ideal for harsh conditions by considering user safety at all-weather times. The CTEK 7002 12-Volts battery charger has been certified for safe use in temperatures between -40 Fahrenheit to +1220 Fahrenheit. 

It Protects Against Reverse Polarity

The CTEK 7002 12-Volts battery charger is designed to protect against reverse polarity which can lead to battery explosion. It is also shortcircuit-proof, and the CTEK 7002 12-Volts battery charger is designed to flash out a red light if there is an error in the connection before charging the battery.


It is very suitable for lead-acid batteries including AGM batteries that are recommended for use by the BMW company. 

Designed With Two Connection Leads

The CTEK 7002 12-Volts battery charger is designed with two connection leads – one of the leads comes with a clamp, while the other comes with eyelet terminals. 

Ideal To Meet Both Maintenance And Constant Charging Needs

Be it constant charging or maintenance, the CTEK 7002 12-Volts battery charger is designed to serve both purposes without breaking any sweat.  

Insulation Case

The CTEK 7002 12-Volts battery charger is both dust and water-free thanks to its IP65 rating. This makes it ideal for tough weather conditions.


The charger comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

What Users Had To Say (Pro And Cons)


  • Users have applauded the CTEK 7002 12-Volts battery charger in terms of improving their battery life and saving them some quid that would have been used in replacing batteries.
  • Users who have used the CTEK 7002 12-Volts battery charger for maintenance purposes have had nothing but praise – one particular owner used the word “excellent” multiple times in one of the many reviews I read when describing this charger
  • There have also been glowing remarks in terms of reviving flat batteries
  • Users have also lauded its versatility since it can charge most battery types
  • It comes highly recommended for BMW vehicles


There were very negative reviews for the CTEK 7002 12-Volts battery charger, and the little I could find during my research can be attributed to negligence or ignorance on the part of the users.

A perfect example was when a particular user complained of the charger not working due to the red light when in actual terms he made a wrong connection.

It has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5


2. Battery Tender 10 AMP rapid battery charger

Check Price On Amazon

Next on my list of best battery chargers for BMW e90 is the Battery Tender 10AMP rapid charger. The Battery Tender battery charger was also one of the common suggestions by previous owners based on the research I conducted. Here are some of its features.

Product Features (What The Manufactures Had To Say)

Charging Current And Voltage Reading

The Battery Tender 10AMP rapid charger has a 10amp rating which ensures fast charging for your BMW e90 car battery. It also has an input voltage of 120V-50/60Hz.

It Comes With An App And Wi-Fi Feature

The Battery Tender 10AMP rapid charger is one of the few chargers on the market that comes with an app feature. The app helps you in monitoring the progress of your battery charge from the comfort of your smartphone. Your browser setting would have to be set to 2G to get the best result on this feature, and you will be required to download the Deltran connected app. 

Charge And Maintain Feature

The Battery Tender 10AMP rapid charger is very capable of fast charging and maintaining your battery irrespective of how long you intend to use the battery. However, you have to set the charger to the specified setting on the app.

Float Charging Technique

Peradventure you happen to be absent-minded and your battery becomes fully charged, the Battery Tender 10AMP rapid charger is designed to float the excess current passed to your battery, thereby preserving the life of your battery.

Utility Hook Feature

The hook feature of the Battery Tender 10AMP rapid charger gives you the option to hand the charger while it charges. It has a reach of up to 12-foot.


The Battery Tender 10AMP rapid charger is capable of charging AGM, Lithium, and GEL batteries. As long as your car battery falls within this category, you have no problem.

Protects Against Reverse Polarity

Provision has been made in the Battery Tender 10AMP rapid charger to warn against reverse polarity which can be detrimental to the overall lifespan of the battery.


The case of the charger is designed to prevent shocks that can be commonplace with cheap chargers. It helps improves the overall safety of the user.

What The Users Have To Say In Summary (Pros And Cons) 


  • Most users were impressed with the versatility of the Battery Tender 10AMP rapid charger
  • Some of the users also took a keen interest in the hanger feature of the charger
  • The maintenance feature of the charger has also been very well appreciated
  • It is very easy to use with your battery


  • One of the major complaints of the Battery Tender 10AMP rapid charger has been the Wi-Fi feature. Most of the negative reviews centered on the fact that it needs a thorough upgrade, with some users even suggesting a total revamp.
  • Some of the users were not really pleased with the Battery Tender 10AMP rapid charger having only the alligator clamp option.

The average rating of the Battery Tender 10AMP rapid charger is 4.3 out of 5.


3. Schumacher DSR125 ProSeries 10Amp 6V/12V 4-Bank

Check Price On Amazon

The final charger on my list of best battery chargers for BMW e90 is the Schumacher DSR125 6V/12V 4-Bank battery charger. While some have sighted the high cost of this product, the quality it brings to the table makes it one of the most sorts after battery chargers in the market. Let’s see what the manufacturers had to say about the Schumacher DSR125 6V/12V 4-Bank battery charger. 

Product Description

Charging Current And Voltage Reading

The Schumacher DSR125 6V/12V 4-Bank battery charger has an input voltage of 120V AC and an output voltage of 6V/12V depending on the settings; the input current stands at 12.5A max, while the output current stands at 10A continuous.

Minimizes Charge Time

It is designed to minimize the charging time for your car batteries by automatically selecting from 2 to 10 Amps output per bank. This also ensures that the battery meant for charging is not overloaded.

Suitable For Small And Large Batteries

Be it a small 2V capacity battery, or a larger battery capacity, the Schumacher DSR125 6V/12V 4-Bank battery charger is capable of handling the battery size regardless.

Prevents Reverse Polarity

Just like most smart battery chargers, the Schumacher DSR125 6V/12V 4-Bank battery charger is designed to prevent polarity by refusing to charge the battery until the right connection is in place. This will also help to prevent sparks from occurring. It has shortcircuit protection.


The Schumacher DSR125 6V/12V 4-Bank battery charger is suitable for all sorts of battery types, as long as you input the required setting.

Charge And Maintenance Feature

The Schumacher DSR125 6V/12V 4-Bank battery charger is capable of both fast charging and maintaining your battery depending on the function you want it to achieve.

Digital Display

Each of the banks is designed with a digital display to enable you to visualize your inputs as you make them into the charger.

It comes with color-coded clamps detachable foot cables.

What Users Have To Say In Summary (Pros And Cons)


  • Most users were appreciative of the fact that it can charge multiple batteries all the same time.
  • The multiple charging levels which enable you to charge both small and large batteries have also come as a plus
  • It is very versatile and easy to use
  • Most users who have used it on their dead batteries have been left highly impressed with the result they got
  • It comes highly recommended even with its high cost


The only slight concern some users have with the Schumacher DSR125 6V/12V 4-Bank battery charger is that it doesn’t come with a bracket, but other than that, the Schumacher DSR125 6V/12V 4-Bank battery charger has no negative review.

It has an overall rating of 4.85 out of 5.

That makes up the top three chargers for your BMW e90 batteries. Kindly drop your comments, observations, and suggestions in the comment section, but in the meantime, below are some FAQs you might have regarding your BMW e90 car battery.


Can I Charge My BMW Battery?

Of course, you can. But there are certain things you must note; a slow charger will not put in the required current needed for your battery to last long, and that’s why BMW has recommended smart chargers such as CTEK chargers and the likes for effective charging purposes. For fully discharged BMW Batteries, it takes about 10 hours to get it up and running again.

Will A Normal Battery Charger Charge An AGM Battery?

As you now know, your BMW e90 is better served with an AGM battery as recommended by the BMW franchise. An AGM battery can be charged with a normal battery charger, but it will be to the detriment of your car battery as I explained in the earlier section of this article. Reason is that the appropriate AGM battery chargers (just like the ones reviewed in this article) are built with microprocessors to collect some vital information from your AGM car battery to enable it to send the right current and voltage to the battery.

Do I Have To Register My BMW Car Battery?

Definitely! Your BMW car battery has to be registered to provide the engine control module, which is also known as the Digital Motor Electronics in BMW cars the right information to properly charge your battery. Skipping this process for any reason at all will cause your battery – no matter how new – to fail.

How Do I Know If My BMW Battery Is Dying?

The following signs should alert you on the status of your battery;

  • The lights will refuse to come on.
  • The engine of your BMW might crank, but will be unable to start.
  • Your BMW will find it challenging to crank in cold weather conditions.
  • Your BMW might start fine today, and then require difficulty to start the next day, which is an obvious sign of a dying or weak battery.
  • In time past, you might have required jump-starts to start your vehicle.

Any of these signs should be enough to tell you that your battery is heading on a journey of no return, and until you do something about it, there won’t be any reprieve.

How Long Do BMW Car Batteries Last?

The average lifespan of a BMW battery depends on a lot of factors which ranges from the amount of usage to the type of charge used in charging the batteries, but all in all, it usually lasts around 3 to 5 years.

Best Battery Charger For BMW e90  –  Conclusion

The BMW brand comes with lots of prestige and glamour which can only be enjoyed by a fully charged battery. Don’t compromise on your battery charger because, as you are likely to find out, the repercussions could be more expensive. I hope you make the right choice today. Cheers

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