4 Best Battery Charger For Porsche In 2022

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The Porsche car franchise has been heralded as one of the best in the car business, and since its inception in the year 1931, there have been many models and designs created to satisfy both comfort and elegance. 

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In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks Of The Best Battery Charger For Porsche In 2022

Product NameFeaturesPrice
(Our #1 Picks) Xantrex 804-1240-02 TrueChargeIt has Two And Three-Stage Charging Feature, Versatility, It Prevents Reverse Battery Polarity,It comes with a 2-year warrantyCheck Price
(Best Overall) Porsche Charge-O-Mat Pro Battery Charger And MaintainerIt has Dual Feature, Desulfurization Mode, It has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5, It has Bumper Bra” FeatureCheck Price
(Best Value) CTEK 7002 12-Volts Battery ChargerIt is Appropriate For Cruel Climate Conditions, It Prevents Polarity, It Is Versatile, Built For Fast Charging Check Price
According to reports, no other car model has amazing heats like the Porsche franchise, and this is not only down to their success on the tracks but on the car market in general.

Just like automobiles, Porsche cars rely on batteries to function fully and effectively, and Porsche car batteries can only perform to their best if they are charged with the best battery charger for Porsche in the market. I know you might be taken aback by this information, but not all chargers are ideal for Porsche car batteries due to how delicate they can be. 

Benefits Of Charging Your Porsche Car Battery With The Right Charger

There are lots of benefits of charging your Porsche car battery. Some of them are outlined below. 

The Charges Your Porsche Car Battery Better And Faster

Porsche car batteries are mostly of an AGM build, and using car battery chargers that aren’t inclined to charge AGM batteries will only kill the batteries faster.

Normal battery chargers will simply transfer current between the power source and the battery, but a real Porsche battery charger will have a specific interaction with your car battery such as knowing when to modulate the voltage input, and also protecting sensitive parts from surge currents.

Ideal For Restoring Dead Porsche Car Batteries

If the battery of your Porsche vehicle is dead, then it’s because you haven’t tried using a specified Porsche car battery charger.

As long as a battery is charged with the right charger, there is very little chance that such a battery will die out, and even if you have a dead car battery, using the specified charger will solve the problem.

Saves You From Future Cost

You will agree with me that buying a new battery is more expensive than buying a new charger, and if one is not careful, you might end up buying car batteries over and over again due to lack of proper maintenance.

You are likely to spend more on a good battery charger, but knowing it will always be rewarding in the future should balance the equation. A good car battery charger – especially the one designed for Porsche cars – also means that you don’t have to spend money on repairs.

Increases The Lifes Of Your Porsche Car Batteries Life Span

Square pegs will always fit better in square holes, and the same can be said for using the right battery charger for the right battery. Using the appropriate car battery charger for your Porsche vehicle will always be a step in the right direction when it comes to prolonging or extending the lifespan of your car battery.(Read Also:6 Best Battery For Vexilar In 2022)

Factors To Consider When Buying A Battery Charger For Your Porsche – Buyer’s Guide

Know The Identity Of Your Porsche Car Battery

As you should know by now, Porsche car batteries are AGM batteries so you must get battery chargers that are designed for these sorts of batteries.

Not every battery charger will be efficient for Porsche car batteries and getting the one that isn’t will only ruin the said battery in a matter of time. 

You can know the exact specification of your battery as it relates to the kind of charger you should purchase by looking at the battery label, or checking the battery manufacturer’s website – the more knowledge you have the better. (Read Also:6 Best 9V Batteries For Active Pickups In 2022)

Take Note Of The Environmental Conditions

Have a general knowledge of the temperature you are likely to charge your car battery and put it into consideration anytime you set out to make a purchase.

Some Porsche car battery chargers are waterproof or dustproof, which makes it very ideal for moist or dusty environments – as the case may be. Some battery chargers are also built with a fan for cooling, although, these types of battery chargers will only be essential for deep cycle batteries.

Amp Rating

An average car battery rating is 48amp, but this could be higher for Porsche batteries. That’s why it’s essential to always check the amp rating of the battery charger before purchase.

The higher the amp of a battery charger, the faster it charges. Charging below the amp can cause overheating of your battery which could end up damaging it in the long run. (Read Also:Does Bluetooth Keyboard Drain Battery?)

Maintenance Purpose Or Fast Charge?

This will depend on how often you use your Porsche. Some Porsche cars are packed for months and are used for only special occasions, and as such, you would need a maintenance charger to get such car batteries ready for immediate use when you need them – while other Porsche cars are used frequently.

Depending on how often you use your Porsche, you should go for a maintenance charger or a fast charger – maintenance chargers for really used Porsche cars, while fast chargers for frequently used Porsche cars.

After making some research, I was able to come up with some car battery chargers that are ideally suited for Porsche cars.

These chargers, like the charge-o-mart Porsche battery charger, even bear the Porsche logo. I also sourced some of the information about the chargers from reading several reviews of Porsche owners who purchased these chargers, and in general, I can say the total reaction was well above average.

Any of the chargers below should do for your Porsche vehicle.

Best Four Battery Charger For Porsche

1. Porsche Charge-O-Mat Pro Battery Charger And MaintainerCheck Price On Amazon

A battery charger designed with what your Porsche car battery needs, the porche charger O mouth pro battery charger, and maintainer comes highly recommended by various Porsche owners. Here are some of the features of this car charger as spelled out by the manufacturer. 

Product Features (What The Manufacturers Had To Say)    

Amp And Voltage

The Porsche Charge-O-Mat pro battery charger and maintainer has an amp input of 5amp which makes it high enough to quickly charge your Porsche car battery if you need it to. It is also very ideal for maintaining your battery.

An Extra Mode For Lighter Porsche Batteries

If you feel the Porsche Charge-O-Mat pro battery charger and maintainer will be too heavy on your car battery, there is an extra mode that is suitable for lighter lithium-ion batteries – you have nothing to worry about in terms of adaptability. (Read Also:4 Best Car Battery Charger For Electrolysis In 2022)

Dual Feature

The Porsche Charge-O-Mat pro battery charger and maintainer is very ideal for fast charging your battery and keeping it fresh for future use depending on your preference. All you need to do is simply set the charger and allow it to carry on. It also comes with an adapter to make for an easy connection to vehicle batteries. 

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Desulfurization Mode

The Porsche Charge-O-Mat pro battery charger and maintainer is designed with a desulfurization mode to help prevent deposits from building up on your battery plates – not all battery chargers are designed with such amazing features. 

“Bumper Bra” Feature

The “bumper bra” feature prevents the battery charger from getting spoilt in rare cases of accidental drops and the likes – more like acting as a shield to the Porsche Charge-O-Mat pro battery charger and maintainer.

Users Experience With The Product (Pros And Cons) 


According to my research, users were generally impressed with the performance of the Porsche Charge-O-Mat pro battery charger and maintainer.

Some users were also impressed with the “bumper bra” feature that helps to prevent accidental falls from causing any serious damage.

It comes very highly recommended for all Porsche owners.

Porsche owners with dead car batteries were very pleased with the outcome after using it on their car batteries.(Read Also:6 Best 9V Battery For Guitar Pedals In 2022)

It has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5


Unlike some battery car chargers that would automatically start charging your car batteries in cases of a power outage from the power source, a particular user on amazon said he had to unplug the charger entirely before turning on the vehicle, then insert the maintainer before it got to work again. This makes it a challenge if you happen not to be around, or aware of the power outage. (Read Also:Can A Battery Show A Good Voltage And Still Be Bad?)

2. CTEK 7002 12-Volts Battery Charger

Check Price On Amazon

Next on my list of best chargers for Porsche is the CTEK 7002 12-battery charger. It was probably one of the most recommended chargers spoken about in all the forums I visited online, and for good reason too. Let’s see what the manufacturers had to say with regards to this product.

Product features (What The Producer Have To Say) 

Charging Current And Voltage Perusing 

The CTEK 7002 12-Volts battery charger conveys a charging current of 7A while conveying an output voltage of at least 12V, and an input voltage of 100-120VAC, 50-60Hz. 

Various Modes For Numerous Conditions 

In contrast to numerous chargers, the CTEK 7002 12-Volts battery charger is intended to convey current to your battery despite the climate condition.

For example, the normal mode is for most Gel batteries in wet climate conditions, the chilly climate mode is suggested for climate conditions under 41 degrees Fahrenheit, the supply mode is for upkeep purposes and it doesn’t surpass a 13.6V stockpile voltage, and the Recond mode is ideal for seriously low batteries. 

Appropriate For Cruel Climate Conditions 

Despite its lovely looks, the CTEK 7002 12-Volts battery charger is ideal for cruel conditions by considering user wellbeing all the time. The CTEK 7002 12-Volts battery charger has been affirmed for safe use in temperatures between – 4 Fahrenheit to +122 Fahrenheit. 

Prevents Polarity 

The CTEK 7002 12-Volts battery charger is built to prevent polarity extremity which can prompt battery blast. The CTEK 7002 12-Volts battery charger is intended to streak out a red light if there is a mistake in the connection before charging the battery. 

It Is Versatile

It is entirely reasonable for lead-corrosive batteries including AGM batteries that are used in Porsche cars.

Two Associations Leads The Design

The CTEK 7002 12-Volts battery charger has two association leads – one of the leads is designed with a clasp, while the other comes with eyelet design terminals. 

Built For Both Maintenance And Fast Charging 

Be it consistent charging or simple maintenance, the CTEK 7002 12-Volts battery charger is intended to fill the two needs without causing any damage to your Porsche car battery. 

Protection Case 

The CTEK 7002 12-Volts battery charger is both residues and sans water on account of its IP65 rating. This makes it ideal for intense climate conditions. 

Warranty Span

The charger accompanies a 5-year warranty. 

What Users Had To Say (Pro And Cons) 


  • Users have commended the CTEK 7002 12-Volts battery charger as far as improving their battery life and saving them some quid that would have been wrongly spent on new batteries. 
  • Users who have utilized the CTEK 7002 12-Volts battery charger for upkeep purposes have had only praise for this product.
  • There have additionally been very positive comments regarding restoring dead batteries. 
  • Users have additionally praised its adaptability since it can charge most battery types.
  • It has a normal rating of 4.8 out of 5 


There were very few negative reviews for the CTEK 7002 12-Volts battery charger, and the little I could discover during my research can be credited to the carelessness to the user. An ideal example was the point at which a specific user complained of the charger not working because of the red light when in genuine terms he made the wrong connection.

3. Xantrex 804-1240-02 TrueCharge

Check Price On Amazon

Third, on my list is the Xantrex 804 – 1240 – 02 True charger. Just like most of the battery chargers I have reviewed so far, the Xantrex 804-1240-02 TrueCharge comes highly recommended. Here are some of the features based on the manufacturer.

Product feature (What The Manufacturers Had To Say)

Amp Reading And Voltage

The Xantrex 804-1240-02 TrueCharge has a universal input voltage of 90 to 265 VAC this also makes it suitable to be used with low power sources such as generators. It has three output connections. It has an AC nominal voltage of 120 VAC, 230 VAC, and 240 VAC.

Parallel Stacking Feature

Having a large battery isn’t a problem for the Xantrex 804-1240-02 TrueCharge when it comes to delivering current thanks to the parallel stacking feature. This allows two chargers to work hand in hand to achieve a greater current input compared to when a singular charger was working alone – thereby delivering up to 80Amps of current for large battery sources. The remote panel is needed to make this a reality, and it is sold separately as well.

Two And Three-Stage Charging Feature

The two and three-stage charging feature allows you to pick the right features as it suits your battery needs.


The Xantrex 804-1240-02 TrueCharge might come very highly recommended for Porsche vehicles, but it’s also ideal for other vehicles as well due to the settings that include gel, AGM, flooded, and lead-calcium batteries. All you need to do is to know the kind of battery you have and apply the right setting to it.

Resurrects Dead Batteries

The Xantrex 804-1240-02 TrueCharge is designed to charge extremely low batteries to their optimum. If your battery is very low, then the Xantrex 804-1240-02 TrueCharge is low enough to pick it up.

Prevents Reverse Battery Polarity

There are rear cases where you might accidentally make a wrong connection which can be detrimental to the health of your battery, but the Xantrex 804-1240-02 TrueCharge is designed to take care of such cases.

Over and Under Temperature protection

The Xantrex 804-1240-02 TrueCharge is not temperature sensitive, so you can feel free to use it in any temperature condition thanks to the over and under temperature design. 


It comes with a 2-year warranty, so feel free to ask for a refund if it doesn’t satisfy your needs.

What The Users Had To Say (Pros And Cons) 


  • With an average rating of 4.8 out of 5. You can be certain that the users and positive remarks regarding this product.
  • Most of the reviews were from users who have used the Xantrex 804-1240-02 TrueCharge for at least a year and a half, so you can be certain of its longevity.
  • Some users feel the batteries are reasonably priced especially when they consider the result there got from the charger.
  • It comes highly recommended
  • It also comes with a two-year warranty.


Users had very few issues with the Xantrex 804-1240-02 TrueCharge, and I think this boils down to the warranty that comes with the battery charger.

4. NOCO GENIUS10 Smart Charger

Check Price On Amazon

Finally, on my list of best battery charger for Porsche is the Genuis10 Smart Charger. It is one of the most recommended chargers out there due to its performance. Here are some of its features according to the manufacturers.

Product features (What The Manufacturers Had To Say)

Small In Size But Very Powerful

The NOCO GENIUS10 smart charger is way smaller than the previous edition (17% to be exact), but it is 115% more enhanced in terms of power delivery. I guess we can say that about our smartphones as well – the slimmer they appear, the better.


Be it lead-acid batteries or deep-cycle batteries, the NOCO GENIUS10 smart charger is designed to handle the batteries. They are also perfect for AGM batteries, gel, flooded, and lithium-ion batteries. 

Revives Dead Batteries

The NOCO GENIUS10 smart charger is equipped to charge your dead car batteries that are as low as 1-volts. The design of this charger also makes it possible to manually charge dead batteries as low as zero volts. All you have to do is to read the manual for instructions. 

It also detects when your battery becomes full thereby preserving the battery life in the process.

Ideal for maintenance and fast charging

The NOCO GENIUS10 smart charger is ideal for any scenario in terms of how often you use your Porsche vehicle – be it often or seldom.

What The Users Had To Say (Pros And Cons) In Summary


  • Users were very satisfied with the versatility
  • Those who used it for maintenance purposes had nothing short of high praise for the product.
  • There are also good reviews in terms of reviving dead batteries.
  • Customers lauded the customer service.
  • It comes relatively cheap compared to other car battery chargers.
  • Comes highly recommended.

It has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5


There has been some disgruntlement in terms of the ease associated with using some of its features, so I suggest you take out time to read the instruction manual carefully.

If you have any questions, comments, or observations regarding any of the Porsche adaptable charges reviewed above, kindly drop them in the comment section of this article, but in the meantime, here are some FAQs you might have regarding the discussed topic.


What Amp Car Battery Charger Do I Need?

It has been generally stated that your charger should be at least 10% minimum of your battery’s Ah rating. Anything lesser wouldn’t be ideal. The higher the Amp, the faster the charge, and vice-versa.

Is It Safe To Leave A Battery Charger Overnight?

Thanks to the smart chargers being developed, there is no risk involved in leaving your batteries overnight as smart charges are designed to stop charging when the battery becomes fully charged. However, you are advised not to leave your battery charger on a battery for more than 24 hours.

What Happens If You Leave A Battery Charger On Too Long?

Leaving your battery charger on for too long will cause a reduction in the functionality of your battery in the long run. The battery is likely to experience “over gassing” which is a term used when the electrolytes get hot resulting in the generation of oxygen and hydrogen gas.

This problem is likely to occur if you charge car batteries with conventional chargers and not with smart chargers like the ones reviewed above.

Can I Leave My CTEK Charger On All The Time?

Definitely! CTEK chargers are one of the few smart car battery chargers that automatically switch to maintenance mode was your car battery is fully charged. That’s one advantage of smart chargers.

4 Best Battery Charger For Porsche In 2022-Conclusion

One of the great things about a Porsche car is its elegance and charisma, and you would definitely need a healthy car battery to enjoy any of these attributes. I hope we all get to enjoy the full worth of our cars by all means necessary. Cheers!!! 

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