3 Best Battery Charger For Trojan t105 In 2022

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It’s one thing to get a battery – a Trojan t105 for that matter – it’s another ball game to get the right charger to get them working the way you want.

Deep-cycle battery chargers are basically everywhere you look, but one thing you are likely to find challenging is getting the best charger for Trojan t105, or any other deep cycle battery for that matter.

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In A Hurry? Here Our Top Picks Of The  Best Battery Charger For Trojan t105 In 2022

Product NameFeaturesPrice
Our # 1 Picks) Iota DLS-55/IQ4 12-Volt Battery ChargerIt can be used on boats and other water body areas, Designed to withstand low transient AC line voltage, Quickly and efficiently bulk batteries chargerCheck Price
(Best Overall) Progressive Dynamics PD9160ALV 12V Battery Charger/ConverterIt stops charging your batteries upon completion, The 2-year warranty also comes very well appreciated by customers, It is built for hot areasCheck Price
(Best Value) MorningStar Tristar 45A Solar Charge Controller For 12V/24V/48V

Comes with a 5-year warranty, Built for reliability and performance,Highest peak efficiency Check Price
 A Brief Intro Of The Trojan t105 And Why You Should Get The Right Charger

Since the company’s inception over 90 years ago, the Trojan batteries have been known to be one of the best in terms of deep-cycle batteries. One of its selling points has been the portability, as well as its unique amperage that has made it stand out amongst its several competitors. The Trojan t105 batteries are fully charged upon purchase, which is something you don’t really get from other brands. 

Anyone with a large budget would agree with me when I say that the Trojan t105 is worth every penny, and it’s only right that you get the right and proper charger for your Trojan t105. Here are some other reasons and benefits that should make you get only the best charger for your Trojan t105, or other deep-cycle batteries.

Pro Tips Of Getting The Right Battery Charger

Increases The Battery Life Of Your Deep-Cycle Batteries

This is probably one of the best reasons you should consider getting only the right charger for your Trojan t105 and other deep-cycle batteries – using the right charger for your battering will only prolong the lifespan of your deep-cycle batteries, thereby improving the output and performance of your Trojan t105. Everyone wants good value for money spent, and getting the right charger is definitely the way to go. (Read Also: 4 Best Car Battery Charger For Electrolysis In 2022)

Saves Time To Charge

Getting the right charger for your Trojan t105 deep-cycle battery is synonymous with getting your battery charged in good time. Knowing how valuable time is to us, you wouldn’t want to waste time waiting on your battery to sufficiently charge due to a poor charger – a slow charger is usually more expensive than the right charger being that it consumes more time.

Prevents The Battery From Sulfating

Sulphating is a phenomenon that occurs when a battery sits too long without appropriately charging it. This can reduce the battery’s overall performance, or even damage the battery entirely, and a bad battery charger can be rightly blamed due to the battery not charging to its full potential thereby causing it to go flat frequently.   

Why You Should Replace Your Old Charger With The Newer Models

Going with the advent of technology, you would be greatly mistaken if you feel your old chargers will suffice for the new and improved Trojan t105 in the market today. These new batteries come with some enhancements your old chargers won’t be able to handle adequately. Here are three reasons getting a new charger for a new Trojan t105 would be a smart move on your part:

Power Supply Duties

Owing to the improvements in new and modern batteries a minimum voltage should be maintained all the while you charge the battery, and the only way this can be possible is if you use the modern-day charger.

This feature is lacking in the old chargers as you happen to find old chargers charging beyond the intended capacity of the battery – research shows that chargers made at least 7 years back are guilty of this defect. (Read Also: 4 Best Battery Charger For Jeep Wrangler In 2022)

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Temperature Controls

Using your smartphone as an example, you will notice that it charges sower at higher surrounding temperature, and faster at lower temperatures – this feature is to ensure that your battery doesn’t overheat – the same is needed for your Trojan t105 battery, and older chargers do not have the feature of regulating the charging input of your battery which could lead to overcharging. Modern-day chargers are equipped to regulate the charge input based on the immediate temperature.

Newer Chargers Handle Float Conditions

Have you ever wondered what happens to your battery cells once it charges to maximum? Well, nothing much, but it could harm the overall lifespan of your battery if you make it a habit. But this wouldn’t be a problem if you used the newer chargers which are designed to float the current in such a way that it doesn’t affect your battery life span in any way. The older chargers on the other hand do not have such uniqueness to their build.   

So don’t get a new battery charger because the older charger isn’t charging your battery as it should, get it because it would do a better job in the long run. (Read Also:Does Bluetooth Keyboard Drain Battery?)

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Battery Charger For Your Trojan t105 Charger – Buyers Guide

Here are some factors you should consider before buying a charger for your Trojan t105 battery:

End Of Charge Control

As I pointed out earlier, the “end of charge control” is one major difference between old-fashioned chargers and the new ones we have in the market today.

Avoid any charger that doesn’t have the end of charge control, because excess charging current will ruin a battery in no time. A charger should stop charging your battery as soon as the battery gets fully charged. Ensure you notice this feature before making your purchase. (Read ALso: 4 Best Battery Charger For Porsche In 2022)

Low Charging Capabilities

A common feature of bad chargers is their low charging capabilities. As I earlier pointed out, chargers with low charging capabilities are more likely to ruin your batteries than prolong their lifespan, so ensure you look out for chargers with at least moderate capabilities in terms of speed and current output.

Environmental Considerations

What area are you likely to use your battery charger? Will it be exposed to harsh weather conditions such as damp or dusty environments? Or hot weather conditions? Having an idea of where you intend to use your charger should guide you on the sort of battery charger to purchase. Buying chargers that are built with hermetic seals will be an advantage in such situations.

Vibration Requirements

If you work in areas where vibrations are bound to happen from time to time, such as ships or industrial areas, then you might want to consider getting battery chargers that are encapsulated. The covering of an encapsulated charger prevents the external part of your battery charger from moving of their own accord thereby preventing any sort of failure.

Fan Characteristics

Obviously, you would need a battery charger built with fan cooling properties especially if you intend to use it in a hot environment. However, there are certain things associated with purchasing a fan-designed battery charger, and some of them are as follows;


Getting a charger built with a fan will mean that the charger won’t be bulky, thereby saving space where required.(Read Also:6 Best 9V Battery For Bass Guitar In 2022)

Overheating can never be a problem for these sorts of chargers.

It has a greater power output of up to three times when compared to conventional cooling chargers.

The fan helps to reduce component temperatures which helps to reduce the mean time between failures (MBTF), and also increases the reliability in the process. (Read Also: Can You Use A Car Battery For Electrolysis?)


Fan-built chargers can be a nuisance in areas that require tranquillity or quiet due to the noise they produce.

Dust and some other contaminants are likely to be drawn into the charger. 

Of all the parts of the unit in the charger, the fan is the least reliable. Don’t depend on it to go the extra mile like your battery charger.

You need to regularly clear the air filters of a fan-built charger, which can be quite a burden if you are pressed for time.

Electrical Considerations

What is the battery size of your battery? For instance, if your battery size is a 24V battery system that comprises 12V batteries connected in series, then you can use a single 24V unit charger which should suffice. But ensure you don’t charge the batteries individually as it will overload the battery.

Having known all these, I carried out some research based on persons who owned a Trojan t105 battery, and the charger that was suitable for their batteries, and I was able to come up with three interesting choices based on their opinions in sites discussions. These chargers have their own pros and cons, but based on popular opinion and reviews, you can be certain that they will serve their purpose – whether you are using a Trojan t105 battery or any similar deep cycle battery.

1. Progressive Dynamics PD9160ALV 12V Battery Charger/Converter

 Check Price On Amazon

The Progressive Dynamics battery charger is one of the most recommended battery chargers we have out there due to its ability to boost the life of your Trojan t1o5 among several other features. Here are some of the charger’s characteristics.

Product Features (What The Manufacturers Had To Say)

Volt Capacity

The Progressive Dynamics battery charger is a 12V capacity charger that can charge two Trojan t105 batteries at the same time as long as the batteries are connected in series. The input voltage of the Progressive Dynamics battery charger is from 105-130 VAC 50/60Hz 1025 watts – while the output voltage is given at 14.6 VDC 60 Amps.

Reverse Battery Protection Design

There have been some cases where battery owners might accidentally swap the charger connectors which could be detrimental to the charger and the battery itself. However, the Progressive Dynamics battery charger is designed to prevent such damages with the reverse battery protection feature – so you have nothing to worry about if you accidentally swap the connection points on your battery.

Limits Excess Electric Current

Like the modern-day charger that it is, the Progressive Dynamics battery charger automatically reduces the output voltage to prevent any source of overheating which will always lead to its early damage of chargers in general.

Filtered DC Power 

The filtered DC power feature ensures that your lithium battery charger is properly charged thereby maintaining a proper battery management system (BMS) on your battery.

Thermal Protection

The Progressive Dynamics battery charger is designed in such a way to reduce any form of charger output to very safe levels if the heat in the surrounding environment is excess. This means you can use it in hot climates and outdoors as well.

Automatic Shutdown

It is also designed to automatically shut down the converter as soon as the battery has been fully charged and balanced.


It comes with a 2-year limited warranty.  

       What previous and present owners had to say in summary


  • Owners have lauded the speed at which the Progressive Dynamics battery charger charges their batteries generally saying “it charges my battery very quickly.”
  • Owners also agreed that it is very easy to install
  • Excellent customer care service and users said the Progressive Dynamics battery charger appears to be made with quality parts
  • The 2-year warranty also comes very well appreciated by customers
  • It stops charging your batteries upon completion
  • It is built for hot areas


The only major complaint I could unearth after my research was that some persons complained of receiving a different shipment from the product been reviewed. I feel this could be a packaging mix-up. And since customer care is quite responsive, then you shouldn’t be having any problem.

2. MorningStar Tristar 45A Solar Charge Controller For 12V/24V/48V

Check Price On Amazon

The MorningStar Tristar 45A solar charge controller is another charger that came up multiple times during my research. Here are some of its features

Product Description (What The Manufacturers Had To Say)

Voltage Capacity

The MorningStar Tristar 45A solar charge controller has a voltage capacity of 12V/24V/48V which means that it can charge a battery of up to 48V as long as you set it accordingly.

Reverse Battery Protection Design

It is designed to warn against mixing up the polarity which can damage the charger if not addressed on time. 

Built-In Electronic Protection

The MorningStar Tristar 45A solar charge controller is also designed to protect itself against power surges, short-circuits, and any form of overheating by simply tripping off on its own before damage occurs.


The three-in-one function design incorporates very reliable Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), and an excellent load control feature that gives your battery the boost it deserves.

Designed For Large Systems

The MorningStar Tristar 45A solar charge controller is excellent for a large battery system due to the options available. It is perfect for hybrid systems, and can also divert or load current for up to 60A, but this depends on the model you choose to purchase.

Advanced Thermal Engineering Design

The advanced thermal engineering design replaces the use of a fan so you can use the MorningStar Tristar 45A solar charge controller in a quiet environment without having any sort of disturbance. It also means that you can use it freely in hot temperate regions.

Computer Adaptability

The MorningStar Tristar 45A solar charge controller can be connected to your PC if you choose to customize your own settings, log in your data, or simply for remote monitoring.


The MorningStar Tristar 45A solar charge controller comes with a 5-year warranty, which is more than most of the battery chargers out there. 

What the users had to say – in summary


  • Many persons have said that the MorningStar Tristar 45A solar charge controller is perfectly suited to Trojan t105 batteries which should come as a plus to anyone seeking the right charger for their Trojan batteries.
  • As confirmed by previous customers, it has been proven that the MorningStar Tristar 45A solar charge controller is perfect for any sort of camping experience.
  • It can be easily installed.
  • The remote display feature is one of the major reasons why people ordered the MorningStar Tristar 45A solar charge controller. It gives you an idea of the solar reading of your charger from the comfort of your sitting room. 
  • “Excellent customer service” has been the words that most people have had to say about the MorningStar Tristar 45A solar charge controller sales rep, so you can be sure to get the right treatment if you have any unlikely complaints.
  • A particular user said he has used this charger for 10 years and still counting without any 
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty


The only negative report about the MorningStar Tristar 45A solar charge controller was when a user complained of the cheap buttons used in the battery charger, but the same user also said it didn’t stop the charger from serving its purpose – other than that, I couldn’t lay my hands a single negative remark or review on all the marketing platforms I used for my research.

3. Iota DLS-55/IQ4 12-Volt Battery Charger

Check Price On Amazon

Finally, on my list of best battery chargers for Trojan t105 is the Iota DLS-55/IQ4 12-volt battery charger. Here are some of the reasons why it resounded in some of the forums I visited.

Product Features (What The Manufacturers Had To Say)

Voltage Capacity

The Iota DLS-55/IQ4 12-volt battery charger is capable of charging 12V batteries at a go without any sort of problem. It allows loading up to 55amps. It has an input voltage that ranges from 108-132V and an output voltage of 13.4V.


It can be used to charge any sort of battery ranging from lead-acid batteries that include flooded batteries, Gel Cell batteries, and absorbed glass mat (AGM).

Smart Charge Control Design

The Iota DLS-55/IQ4 12-volt battery charger is designed with a three-stage battery charging feature that safely charges your battery without overcharging it in the process, thereby improving the lifespan of your batteries.

In-Built Fan 

It comes with an in-built fan to regulate the inner temperature of the working systems. The cooler, the better, and unlike older models, the fan produces less noise that is way less than 50MVRMS.


The Iota DLS-55/IQ4 12-volt battery charger has a warranty for 2-years. 

What The Users Had To Say – In Summary


Many users have applauded its adaptability to AGM batteries as it seems to be well suited to its requirements

It can be used on boats and other water body areas

Despite the presence of the fan in the design, many users have appreciated the quietness while the Iota DLS-55/IQ4 12-volt battery charger is in use


Although the in-built fan is quiet, it has the propensity to attract dirt into the chambers which will warrant you to maintain it from time to time for it to work effectively.

 And that rounds up the top three most recommended battery chargers for your Trojan t105. Kindly drop your comments and observation if you have any, meanwhile, here are some answered questions you might have about the related topic being discussed in this article.


How Long Do Trojan t105 Batteries Last?

Under normal circumstances, and having a good maintenance culture, your Trojan t105 should be able to last for at least five years. Having a good maintenance culture for your batteries is necessary for lasting a very long time or even exceeding the normal lifespan. Here are some tips you can put in place to prolong the lifespan of your battery;

  • Always inspect your batteries as often as you can, and ensure your report any cracks or leaks to the manufacturers.
  • Make it a habit to always routinely give your battery gravity and voltage test to ascertain the overall health of the battery.
  • Charge your batteries for at least 8-10 hours using only a proper charger like the ones reviewed above.
  • Always keep the top of your battery very dry, clean, and tight at all times.

Can You Overcharge A Deep Cycle Battery?

Yes, deep cycle batteries can be overcharged if the following takes place; when you charge with a voltage higher than that of the battery, the excess current will flow into the battery being charged once it reaches full charge causing it to decompose water in the electrolyte, thereby reducing the overall lifespan of the battery. That’s why it’s very necessary to use the right charger for your deep cycle batteries at all times.

How Many Amps Can You Charge A Deep Cycle Battery?

The best amp to charge a deep cycle battery should be the one recommended by the battery’s manufacturer – anything other than that would be detrimental to the overall health of the battery.

How Can You Tell How Old Trojan Batteries Are?

It’s pretty easy! Simply refer to the code that’s located on the negative terminal consisting of a letter and a number. The letter stands for the month, while the number refers to the year. Example B2 signifies February 2012.

Best Battery Charger For Trojan t105 – Conclusion

Your Trojan batteries deserve only the best, and you must use only the right chargers to get the best out of your Trojan batteries. Everyone deserves the best, but so do your batteries.

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