Can A Bad Battery Make Your Computer Slow?

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Your computer’s performance is very important to get your work done easily. However, the battery in your computer is one of the most important components and it must be in a good state. Irrespective of how old your computer might be, if it exhibits good performance, it means you are getting the result of your money.

Plus, you would not have to spend another amount of money on a new computer. Your computer operating system (OS) has to oversee the reserves of your PC (RAM and ROM, processing power, space) between all the projects working on it. There are a lot of things that could reduce your computer’s operation. Is a bad battery included? “Can a bad battery make your computer slow?”

No, a bad battery cannot make your computer slow. A bad battery can only reduce the lifespan of your computer and its hardware.

If you are working on a powered battery, and you utilize a critically low battery, if it doesn’t recharge as expected and discharge very fast, you can potentially destroy your computer’s hardware.

However, this is due to the certain quantity of current your computer’s hardware must withdraw from the battery.

This would cause the hardware to overheat because the fans are unable to cool the hardware due to low power. The overheating would result in a huge danger to your hardware with time. 

Furthermore, your computer can develop another issue called hardware power explosion. When your computer’s battery is faulty a power explosion could occur due to the hardware trying to withdraw a lot of currently more than what the battery could offer.

This issue could result in an irrevocable impairment to the computer’s hardware. For instance, hard disk and CPU default could happen.

The hard disk could be partly distorted because the lack of current transpired a powerful explosion which made the disk heads lift and roughen the disk. 

However, I would recommend that you try removing the battery if the battery container has a different cover plate, position the plate on, and utilize the computer via a power adapter. You can also try using the computer when it is charging if the battery is very low.

Lastly, you should stop using the computer and change the battery if the battery is defective or malfunctioning, and the dust shield is in-built in the battery. If you keep using the computer in this state, you would be deliberately trying to destroy the hardware. 

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What are the signs of a bad computer battery?

Overheating, failure to recharge, discharging, renewal warning, etc are the signs of a bad computer battery. Irrespective of how well you maintain your computer, you would still have to change the battery after a duration of 2years. As you use your computer, with time, your computer battery will degrade. 

Every time you charge the battery, they begin to charge less than the way it did before.  Technically, batteries were manufactured to provide 56,000 MWh which could diminish afterward to 52,000 MWh when fully charged. However, this is very okay, but it means you would have to change the battery later. Let’s discuss the signs more. 

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Failure to recharge

If your computer battery fails to recharge when you connect your charger, it could be a hint that you need to change the battery. However, there are a few things that could result in this, so, we would have to look into those things first.

If you are connected to a spike suppressor or uninterruptible power supply and they are damaged, these devices could be the issue instead of your computer battery. You can connect directly to the socket to eradicate the varying defective energy beam or other appliance. 

However, if you own an exterior battery, detach it by utilizing the fast liberate on the below part of your computer, and examine that the connection is functioning.

Check for buildup dust and use a dry towel to clean it. Proceed by putting the battery back in the computer and ensuring it fits perfectly and the contacts are well connected. After doing this and the battery does not charge, then you would have to charge the battery. 


When you are using your computer, it is normal for the heat to increase. Your computer has heatsinks and a blower to manage and dissipate the surplus heat.

If your battery percentage is reduced, your computer can start operating faster, and this would cause it to produce surplus heat that your blower can’t control. You might even notice that your computer would start getting noisy. This is due to the blowers trying to cool the heat down.

 However, if you hear the loud blower, carefully feel the beneath part of your computer, to check the heat. A little warmth is fine but your computer should not burn you.(Read Also:How Do Battery Chargers Know When To Stop?)

Furthermore, if your computer keeps getting hotter, it might be a hint that your battery is running out.

If your computer is too hot to handle, carefully shut it down, and disconnect your computer to prevent additional damage. 

In this case, handing your computer to a professional computer engineer would be a good thought. So, they would examine your computer battery and let you know if you need a replacement. Shutting down your computer after showing the symptoms of overheating is far better than damaging the computer. 

Renewal warning

The two computers (Windows and Mac) system software indicates when their batteries are very low and would soon shut down. I would be discussing the two computers’ battery indicators. 

Windows computer

Let’s start with Windows 7. Typically, a battery power indicator was added by Microsoft. When your computer battery gets to a very low capacity, Windows would show a battery warning (that your computer battery needs a replacement).(Read Also:Will An Asus Laptop Work Without A Battery? )

It would do this by showing a red symbol “X” in the battery icon. If you click on the icon to show more information, a message is likely to pop up which says ” not charging but plugged in. Try changing your battery.”

Mac computer

Mac computers also have a battery warning indicator and an icon in the battery when it is critically low. If you click on the icon shown on your Mac’s menu, it would bring out more details about your battery’s condition. It would also show a time estimate of the battery’s remaining percentage, a notification of the application utilizing the most power (in general, it would show the battery’s status). 

If your Mac battery has issues, or if the battery has reached a low state of its lifespan, it would show one of the three messages I would mention. If you see a message like “change soon,” ” change now,” or “repair battery,” then, it is time to do something. 


After fully charging your computer battery, if you have to use the battery charger constantly, or you can’t work with your computer because of how you need to continue charging your computer, it’s a sign that your computer needs a new battery.(Read Also:Why Does Battery Voltage Drop Under Load?)

Technically, a fully charged computer battery should work for at least 5-6 hours. However, there are a few things that affect how your computer battery would work for a long period after charging. The number of applications you have open, either listening to music or watching a movie, adaptive brightness would affect your battery work time. 

If you are multitasking a lot, it would make your computer need more power and this would cause the battery to discharge faster. Nonetheless, if you are not getting the right amount of time from your fully charged battery, then, there is an issue. If your system shuts down without showing a warning, it could be a damaged battery issue. 

Although, damaged batteries are not the only reason why a computer would crash, however, the unexpected loss of charge is a sign that you should examine your computer battery more closely. 

Does removing a battery improve a computer’s performance?

Removing a computer battery might not improve all system’s performance. Typically, using a computer without a battery attached and it is attached to a direct alternating current, the performance of the computer should be as normal.

However, some computer models might have a reduction in their performance. The actual issue is that there is no security net, so when external power is removed, it would shut down. 

Technically, computers are not supposed to be turned on without their batteries, but some of them would run when the battery is disconnected. However, the computer would require you to plug them to a direct current power all through the use, and when you plugged them out, they would shut down.

 You would also need to follow some precautions that include, do not remove the power cable immediately when you are using the computer without its battery, ensuring you remove the battery when the computer is off and when it’s not connected to power, make sure you utilize the computer’s adapter. 

Can A Bad Battery Make Your Computer Slow – Conclusion

Can a bad battery make your computer slow? A bad battery might not reduce your computer’s performance but it can reduce the lifespan and damage the hardware. However, you would have to take note of a lot of things in your computer to prevent additional damage. Kindly drop your comments and suggestions in the comment section. 

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