Can I Charge A Car Battery With UPS?Find Out Now

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Vehicle batteries are fond of running low in energy in such a way that regular re-charging of these batteries is the only way out. However, there are many ways through which we can re-charge car batteries such as by using electricity, with the aid of an alternator or an inverter or through the use of a UPS( Uninterruptible Power Source or Supply).

Whichever one you utilize, it is quite easy and fast to restore your car battery to its original functioning self,  in just a matter of minutes. We are therefore prompted to ask whether it is possible to recharge a car battery using a UPS? (Read Also: Can You Start A Car Without A Battery?)

So Can I Charge A Car Battery With UPS? Yes, it is possible to recharge a car battery using a UPS and there are different types of UPS such as the computer UPS, home UPS and so on. Specifically, we can re-charge a car battery using a home UPS but not a computer UPS.

To be able to do this entails that you ‘trick’ the UPS before you are able to charge the car battery with it provided the original battery of the UPS is up to 12 Volts and of the lead-acid type. This so-called trick involves running a pair of wires from the original UPS battery terminals to your car battery.

Please do not connect the original UPS battery and plug it to enable you to ‘fool’ the UPS into believing that your car battery is its original battery and that it will consequently charge as it does its original battery. That is the trick involved; the UPS will charge your car battery believing it is its own original battery.

Note however that, charging your car battery using a home UPS might take a long time to complete, sometimes even days, but in the end, the result is worth the time spent. The computer UPS cannot charge your car battery because it is meant to charge only small batteries. (Read Also: How To Open BMW Hood With Dead Battery)

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UPS Battery Versus Car Battery, Are There Any Differences?

Yes, there are a lot of differences between the two types of batteries. To start with, automobile batteries are equipped with many lead plates that enable them to provide mainly quick and large amounts of power output for short periods only while the UPS or inverter batteries give only a steady power supply for much longer periods.

The UPS or inverter batteries are normally called deep cycle batteries and their battery plates won’t get damaged even in very deep discharge situations while the automobile battery will get damaged in deep discharge conditions through the destruction of its lead plates with a consequent reduction in its shelf life.

Finally, even though it is possible to charge your car battery with a home UPS battery, it is not a very practical solution to battery restoration for many reasons considering how long the entire procedure is going to take among many other reasons.

How Can I Charge My Car Battery At Home With UPS?

You can charge your car battery with a home UPS provided the original UPS battery is rated up to 12 volts and is of the lead-acid type. To accomplish this, run twin wires from the UPS battery terminals to the car battery but do not connect the original battery, and plug it. The UPS will assume the car battery is its original battery and proceed to charge it normally. However, this process will likely take several days before the depleted car battery is fully charged using the UPS battery.(Read Also:Will An Asus Laptop Work Without A Battery? )

Can I Jump Start Car With UPS Battery?

Yes, you can jump-start a car with a home UPS battery very easily. In order to accomplish this, the UPS battery must be rated at least 12 volts lead acid battery or more, and the procedure is done by connecting the UPS battery to the flat car battery. After doing this, the UPS battery will share its power with the flat car battery and you will notice that the voltage of the flat car battery will begin to rise with time up to the required 12 volts and beyond, which is enough to start the car. (Read Also: Why Does My Car Die After I Jump Start It? Find Out Now)

Is It Safe To Charge Car Battery With Inverter?

Yes, it is very safe to charge a car battery with an inverter battery but the inverter battery must be rated at least 12 volts, or else you can’t. It is worthy of note however that this method must not be used frequently to charge car batteries. The connection for charging the car battery with an inverter is the same as that which you would use to charge it with a car charger,  but the inverter must not be connected to the power supply until you set up all the connections.

The procedure demands that you connect the ground or negative port of your car battery to the black wire of the output port of the inverter while the positive wire should go to the red port of the output’s positive port. Home inverters are known to use direct power from the power outlets and you should check the connections before you turn on the power supply unit. (Read Also:Will A Bad Battery Keep A Laptop From Turning On?)

If everything is alright by your reckoning, you can then plug the inverter into the power supply outlet. Note that any wrong connection here may cause the battery to explode with very severe repercussions if care is not taken. So, watch out for the right connections before you start anything.

How Can I Charge My Car Battery At Home – Different Ways To Charge Battery

It is most disheartening to discover that the car won’t just start for an outing you have planned and saved for simply because your battery is flat. This usually happens if you mistakenly leave the headlights on or kept the car idling for long. Whatever may be the cause, how do you recharge the battery immediately at home? Well, there are different ways through which this can be done and we shall look at a few of them.

How To Charge Your Car Battery At Home Without A Charger

To be able to do this without a charger, you need to keep an auto repair kit in your trunk always. The first thing to do is to take out your jumper cables from the repair kit before turning your ignition to the ‘off position.

Next, place the negative jumper cables on the battery terminals while the other pair of jumper cables should be placed on the red or positive terminals of each car. This way you can effectively jump-start your battery and be on the road in no time. (Read Also: Does Revving The Engine Help Jump Start A Car? Find Out)

How To Recharge Your Car Battery With Home Electricity

 You can charge your car battery using an inverter or home electricity, but we shall look at them both.

1. Charging Your Battery With Home Electricity

To charge your battery with a car charger and home electricity, you need to buy a good charger first,  which is suitable for your type of car battery that will not end up discharging needlessly. Before you start anything, wear your safety gears to guard against any unforeseen circumstances particularly since you are going to work with electricity.

With your electricity repellant gloves on and making sure that you are not standing on wet grounds, remove the battery from your car by disconnecting the black or negative wire before the positive one and keep the battery on a dry surface. Proceed to wipe the battery with a clean piece of cloth and baking soda or ordinary sandpaper to eliminate grime from its surface. (Read Also: How To Push An Automatic Car With Dead Battery)

This is because any accumulation of dirt on the surface of the battery has an impact on the power absorbance of the battery. After this, with the car charger not connected to the power outlet of your house, use a connector to join the negative wire to the black or negative port of the charger and connect the red or positive wire to the red port.

While doing all these, never touch the wire ends with your bare hands to be on the safe side against electric shock or possible fire outbreaks. Thereafter, connect the charger to the power outlet. Your battery is in charging mode now. Most batteries have indicators that notify you when the charging is complete.

Since charging a car battery can take a long time, you are at liberty to allow it to charge overnight since the charger will turn off once the battery is fully charged.(Read Also:Does Bluetooth Headphones Drain A battery?)

2. Charging With A Home Inverter

This method of charging a car battery takes less time than the previous one explained earlier using electricity but don’t use it frequently. The connection here is the same as in the previous method but the inverter must not be connected to the power supply before you set up all the necessary connections.

Connect the ground or negative port of the battery to the black wire of the output port of your inverter while the positive wire should go to the red port of the output’s positive port. Since home inverters use direct power from the supply grid in your house, check the connections carefully before you turn on the power supply.

After this, you may plug the inverter into the power outlet. Note that any faulty connections may cause the battery to explode, so, watch out for any possible faulty connections. Since charging your car battery with an inverter is quicker, it is therefore great when you have to charge while pressed for time.

If you do not want any car battery charging at home, there is an alternative available; simply read all the safety tips on battery maintenance and stick to them religiously so that your car battery will never go dead. That’s it.

When Should I Replace My UPS Battery?

Whenever your UPS batteries do not support the various equipment connected to them, it is time to start thinking of replacing them. Additionally, you may replace your UPS batteries when they have attained a certain age or show any marked reduction in available run-time. (Read Also:Can A Bad Battery Make Your Computer Slow?)

Regular checks may be necessary on the battery capacity though this depends on the model of the UPS you are using and be sure to turn off the UPS every night when not in use as this prolongs its lifespan.

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Can I Charge A Car Battery With UPS – Conclusion

Batteries run down, with use and time,  which would have constituted an intractable problem, but thanks to battery charging procedures, that is not the case.

Advisedly, make sure to buy the best car batteries available on the market that your budget can accommodate and from only reliable suppliers, learn all the procedures to maintain and charge them effectively at home to protect yourself from avoidable headaches and any after-sales regrets.

Make sure that you are acquainted with how to spot counterfeit products to avoid any sleight of hand during purchase and believe me, you will be most grateful for the effort. The time spent to do this correctly is certainly worth it.

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