Can You Spray An Alternator With WD40?

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Dust and dirt have a way of destroying things, and also stopping them from working perfectly. This is why cleaning/maintenance is crucial. This applies to your car, dust easily goes into the engine part, so you have to constantly tidy them.

However, using the wrong cleaning or spraying agent can destroy some electrical components in your vehicle. WD40 is a fluid cleaning agent but can it be used to clean electrical parts in your car? “Can you spray an alternator with WD40?”

No, you cannot spray an alternator with WD40. As I said earlier, WD40 is a fluid cleaning agent. Plus, a nice intentional way to destroy or reduce the lifespan of an alternator is, by spraying a liquid agent in it.

When you spray a WD40 on an alternator, it would also find its way into other areas it doesn’t fit. One of the best paths to clean your alternator is by separating it from other parts of the car.

Cleaning your alternator individually would guarantee that all areas are suitably clean. Besides, your cleaning agent would not get in contact with other car components. 

To furthermore, cleaning your alternator with WD40 could undermine the insulation winding. Technically, the insulation winding is made with cotton, silk, paper, and after manufacturing, they are covered with an insulating fluid. The insulation winding can get weakened by moisture easily, so it is not advisable to use WD40 to clean the alternator. 

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Is it okay to clean an alternator with WD40?

No, it is not okay to clean an alternator with WD40. It could be very risky, plus, it could allow the alternator to catch fire. In any car parts user guide, the accepted cleaning technique is always noted.

So, if you go against the recommended cleaning method the product could get damaged. This also applies to an alternator, you have to heed the instructions given by the manufacturer. You don’t have to worry, I will discuss how you clean your alternator later on. 

As I said in “Can you spray an alternator with WD40?”, a liquid cleaning agent like WD40 can destroy your alternator, and also find its way into other areas of the automobile engine. If this happens, you would have to spend a certain amount of money to repair or replace those damaged components. If the alternator is corroded, utilizing a wired brush to clean it, is the best. 

How do I clean my alternator?

I mentioned I would show you how you can clean your alternator earlier and here we are. Your automobile receives its electrical strength produced by an alternator, and the alternator is one of the main components.

When the car engine is working, the alternator assists in recharging the battery for the car to continue moving. The alternator functions regularly, they are quite reliable and last for about 9-14 years. 

Moreover, you would require a proper maintenance procedure to help your vehicle’s alternator last for that duration. While the car works, grits would begin to amass in the alternator from the outer part, and the best way is to know to clean your alternator perfectly. When you clean your alternator, your car would function as required and its operation would be optimized. 

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 Plus, you would be guaranteed that your car won’t break down as a result of a greasy alternator. As the grease in the alternator could make it faulty and cause problems for your car. The method for cleaning your alternator is very easy. You also do not need many materials. 

The only materials you need are:

After getting these materials, let’s proceed with the procedure 

Step 1

Buy a good electronic cleaner

There are a lot of electronic cleaners all around in stores, so you have to guarantee you get a very good one to clean your alternator. You can purchase CRC 05018 Lectra-Motive Electric Parts Cleaner- or you buy a degreaser – Chemical Guys CLD_201 Signature Series Orange Degreaser.  This cleaner works best for cleaning your alternator. It has a composition for cleaning all kinds of grits. 

Step 2

Disconnect the alternator

Unlock your car’s front hood and detach the alternator from your vehicle. After disconnecting the alternator, put it on your table with the electrical cleaner, and then the cleaning brush required for the cleaning technique. 

Step 3

Moisten the degreaser

After purchasing the degreaser, you would have to moisten the degreaser with water. Ensure the mixture is about 50:50. With this diluting, it would be adequate for cleaning your alternator. It would surely be okay for taking the dirt out of your alternator.

Step 4

Add the mixture

With the use of a piece of towel, dip it, and add the diluted degreaser to the alternator. On the other hand, you can buy a spray bottle and fill it with the diluted degreaser, and start spraying carefully. Then, allow the degreaser to soak for some time to loosen the grit, and make the dirt come out. 

Step 5

Brush the alternator carefully

Work on the parts of your vehicle’s alternator that are very corroded with a soft wire brush. With this process, you would be able to take out the stored dirt from the alternator. Plus, make sure you concentrate more on the terminal attachment areas. 

Step 6

Clean the degreaser

Utilize a little amount of water to wash out the alternator and allow it to dry very well. This would hinder the alternator from rusting or having any kind of ravage later on. 

However, you should have in mind that your alternator can get weakened with corroded connections.  So, ensure you look out for grits in the connections and clean them. By doing this, you would be confident that the inner parts would not get spoiled.(Read Also:Should The Alternator Get Hot?)

Plus, you should also avoid some things, and those things are:

  • When you have gotten the degreaser or cleaner for your alternator, make sure you are not spraying it directly into the air duct openings.
  • Do not buy or use electrical cleaners with petroleum bases in them. 
  • Do not add too much force while washing or light air for your alternator. It could be very dangerous for it. 


How can I make my alternator look new?

You can make your automobile’s alternator look new by eliminating the dirt and grits and doing the appropriate cleaning procedure. This cleaning is important and it is easy to do.

Not only would it make your alternator look new, but it would also make it last for a long period. I would be indulging a summary of the steps I listed above to enable you to make your alternator look new. 

You can proceed by unscrewing the bolts in the cover, then you would see it looking brittle due to the grits. So, you would need a good degreaser ( I have recommended one earlier, you can check it out) to clean the dirt and grease. Mix the degreaser with water and ensure they are of equal quantity, then put it on the alternator. Proceed by utilizing a soft wire brush to carefully take out the stuck specks of dirt, and clean the alternator with clean water when you are done.

Finally, ensure you dry your alternator and put it back in your car. With all these procedures, your alternator would be looking new. Plus, your car would be able to operate as required and there would be no car issues due to a dirty alternator. You shouldn’t let dirt build up in your alternator before you clean it. If it does, it might cause your car not to start. 

Is it safe to wash the alternator?

No, it is not safe to wash the alternator. Maintaining your alternator is a good one, as it would assist by boosting its action. Nonetheless, washing your alternator with pressure could be very bad. It could result in critical harm to the alternator seal and it would affect your vehicle. 

The best way to maintain your alternator is to clean the alternator with a little amount of water. However, you have to ensure you dry it properly. Before you begin spraying the water or cleaner, ensure you cover other electrical parts, or you bring out the alternator. Doing this would keep all other components from any form of damage. 

Can You Spray An Alternator With WD40 – Conclusion 

Can you spray an alternator with WD40? Spraying your alternator with WD40 could ravage both the alternator and other electrical parts in the car. Maintenance is good but using the wrong cleaning agent could affect the components. Plus, cleaning the alternator wrongly could also influence the alternator execution, and you might need to replace the alternator. 

I already recommended quite a few degreasers you can use for your alternator. Ensure you dilute the cleaner before using it. You should also heed the cleaning instructions I provided. If you have more questions, kindly put them down in the comment section below. 

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