Does Bluetooth Drain The Battery On A Laptop?

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Typically, not all laptop batteries can work all day just like some phone’s batteries. If you purchased a laptop with a good battery and the battery life started reducing, you might have wondered why it’s like that.

A lot of things that you use on the laptop might be the cause of the battery life reduction. However, does Bluetooth affect your laptop’s battery life? “Does Bluetooth drain the battery on a laptop?”

Yes, Bluetooth drains the battery on a laptop. The Bluetooth drains the battery on a laptop because the Bluetooth module uses a lot of power when it is turned on. However, any component connected to the laptop affects its battery life.

Although the newer Bluetooth version seems to reduce power consumption. Technically, in a gadget when the Bluetooth is turned on, it would require more power than a circuited connection. This is because of the extra effort being added into the device and receiving of the data over radio frequencies. 

Furthermore, it is advisable to turn off your laptop’s Bluetooth when it is not in use. This would help your laptop battery last a bit longer than when the Bluetooth is on.

Aside from Bluetooth, some disk drive devices affect the battery life of your laptop. I would provide more information about your laptop’s battery life. Just keep reading, it’s about to get more informative.

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Does turning Bluetooth off save the laptop battery?

Yes, turning Bluetooth off would save more of your laptop battery. Technically, one of the ways you can reduce the battery on your phone and laptop is by switching off the Bluetooth when it is not in use.

If you have to use a Bluetooth device every day, turning on and off the Bluetooth might not be worth the stress. To turn it off, click on settings, proceed by clicking devices, then click on Bluetooth and devices, and click on off Bluetooth. 

Let’s talk more about Bluetooth automation. Bluetooth automation was developed to conform to the new technology scenery. Telephony speakers, earbuds, automobiles are increasing the number of gadgets to connect to our laptops or phones.

Bluetooth was manufactured to be used as a substitute for data wire. This implies that you have to connect two gadgets to pass over data. Ever since Bluetooth connection was introduced, it has conformed to altering the environment. 

In addition, you can connect a lot of devices through Bluetooth, but the main issue with Bluetooth is the battery drain. So, ensure you turn off your Bluetooth when it is not connected to any device or accessory. 

Can Bluetooth drain your battery?

Of course, Bluetooth can drain your battery. Although the battery drain caused by Bluetooth depends. How? If the Bluetooth is connected to an accessory, the amount of battery drain is a bit fair, and for some phones, the battery drain caused by Bluetooth is always much.

While, when the Bluetooth is not connected or in use, it wouldn’t affect the battery life as much as when it is in use. Typically, using an application on your phone consumes a lot of battery. 

Likewise, when your laptop is connected to a WI-FI connection, it drains a lot of battery power. So, when the Bluetooth is on and connected to an accessory, it is like when your laptop is connected to a WI-FI connection.

With that, you should be able to understand the amount of battery power Bluetooth consumes. Thus, If you are not using your Bluetooth kindly turn it off.

In addition, there are now different types of Bluetooth versions inbuilt in contemporary phones and laptops. Some of the Bluetooth versions consume battery, while some do not.

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Is it okay to leave Bluetooth on all the time?

No, it is not entirely okay to leave your Bluetooth on at all times. When your Bluetooth is on, it can put your phone and files at risk. Your phone and files can be at risk of a virus when the Bluetooth is turned on at all times. When the virus is on your phone, technology hackers can invade your phone or laptop, approach data, invade saved air-gapping networks, and escalate the virus.

 Furthermore, Bluetooth viruses can spread through anything like laptops, PC, mobile phones, tabs, and TVs. The affected gadgets do not have to be connected to another device to create an attack.

When a computer nerd sees an active Bluetooth connection close by, he can recognize its distinctive MAC (media access) address. The nerd controls the system software, regulates the attack, and makes good use of any defect. With that, the nerd can acquire access to the phone or laptop and utilize it for various plans. (Read Also:Can I Use A Battery Charger As A Power Supply?)

You need to keep in mind that Bluetooth has maximum opportunities on every system software, using it offers a virtual charge over the device. So, with this, you should know that turning on your Bluetooth all the time can harm your phone and files.

Why does my laptop battery drain fast?

Your laptop battery drains fast due to screen brightness, WI-FI, keyboard lighting, and Bluetooth. A lot of things operating on your laptop drain the battery and you are not conscious of them. This is why I would be discussing the things I mentioned. You should keep reading to know more and help yourself learn more. (Read Also:What Should Alternator Voltage Be At Idle?)

Screen brightness

When the screen brightness is increased, your laptop battery would be draining very fast. So, you should reduce the brightness from being super light to very dim. Aside from the reduction of battery power, when your laptop brightness is decreased it would have a little effect on your eyes.

Although if you are sitting outside with your laptop, it is okay to increase the laptop brightness, you would have to decrease the brightness later. To do this, click on your laptop’s setting, then tap on software preferences, and tap on the system display.

 On the display page, you will see a brightness slider. Regulate the brightness slider to the lowest display. However, if your laptop is on and you are not using it, it is another way to drain the battery.

So, on the display page, you can set the time you want your computer to rest. Although it might be different for some laptop window versions, all you have to do is search the laptop’s settings, search for battery saver, and tap on brightness.   

Keyboard lighting

The lighting on your keyboard can drain your laptop’s battery power. When you turn off the keyboard lighting, you would save a lot of battery. This keyboard lighting is just like the screen brightness, but the battery power it drains is lesser. 

However, if both the keyboard lighting and screen brightness are increased, the battery power would drain rapidly. To turn the lighting off by clicking on settings, tap on system preferences, and click on the keyboard. When you do this you would reduce the amount of battery power withdrawn. 


One of the components on your laptop that drains the battery is the WI-FI. The WI-FI strongly affects the laptop’s power when in use and when it is not in use. When the WI-FI is turned on, the CPU awakens which leads to the battery drain. So, if you think you wouldn’t be needing the WI-FI connection, ensure you turn it off.

 Go to the settings and click on network and connection, tap on WI-FI, and then click on turn off. Some laptops have short-cuts for some connections at the laptop desktop, so you can easily access the WI-FI and turn it off. 


This is another accessory that drains the laptop battery. Although not everyone believes that Bluetooth reduces battery power, it is what it is. The Bluetooth drains your laptop battery but it isn’t as much as the other components I listed above. However, if the Bluetooth is connected to any device, the battery drain would be obvious for you to know. 

Likewise, if the Bluetooth isn’t connected to any accessory but it is on, it would drain your laptop battery but it would be a little. So, ensure you turn the Bluetooth off to help you save some battery percentage. The Bluetooth connection is more than you think and it quite requires a lot of power when data transmission is on. 

Does Bluetooth Drain The Battery On A Laptop – Conclusion 

Does Bluetooth drain the battery on a laptop? Bluetooth has a lot of effect on the laptop battery when in use and not in use. It could also affect the device and files when it is on at all times. Your laptop can be at risk of viruses when the Bluetooth is on. However, there are ways by which you can reduce your laptop battery drain. 

Fortunately for you, I have listed the causes and how you can stop them from draining the laptop battery. When you take safety precautions, you would save your laptop battery. I hope every one of the things I talked about impacts and helps you. So, kindly put down your comments and suggestions below in the comment section. 

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