Does Bluetooth Headphones Drain A battery?

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One of the newly made headphones is to be connected to Bluetooth before you can use them. Aside from headphones, a lot of contemporary devices like trackers, and Samsung smart things, have to be connected to Bluetooth to use them.

It is easy to blame the Bluetooth connection for a sudden low battery on your phone. However, can a Bluetooth connection affect battery power? “Do Bluetooth headphones drain a battery?”

Yes, Bluetooth headphones drain a battery. Bluetooth headphones can drain battery power due to the amount of data frequency needed between the wireless headphones and your phone. A Bluetooth headphone can also be called wireless headphones.

However, this draining of a battery depends on the type of Bluetooth you have. If you use your wireless headphones with noise cancellation, then it would require a lot of battery power. Likewise, if you use your wireless headphones without noise cancellation, then it wouldn’t require more battery power. 

Furthermore, Bluetooth headphones do not drain a battery like mobile data or wi-fi. The effect of a Bluetooth headphones is not as much as those components I mentioned. Although if you are not using your Bluetooth, you should turn it off to stop your battery from draining. 

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Do Bluetooth headphones use more battery?

Yes, Bluetooth headphones use more battery. This happens because your phone would have to turn on the Bluetooth which requires a lot of battery power.

When you click on battery usage on your phone’s settings, it would show you the amount of battery power your Bluetooth headphones consumed, unlike the wired headphones.

However, the amount of battery power used when your Bluetooth is on, and the phone is not in use is quite different from the power used when the Bluetooth is connected to your headphones, and the phone is in use. 

A little test was run based on the amount of battery consumed on different phones, and it was observed that just a little amount was drained when the Bluetooth was on. Plus, this means your battery can last about 15-20 minutes longer when the Bluetooth is off.

Although some wired headphones utilize a little amount of battery power when features like noise cancellation or optimization are not included. So, if your wired headphones have noise cancellation or optimization features, they would consume the same amount of power as Bluetooth headphones. 

Furthermore, your Bluetooth headphones use more power depending on the type you have. Just like wired headphones, Bluetooth headphones also have devices with features like noise cancellation and optimization, and the ones without these features, if your Bluetooth headphones have these features, they would use more battery, but if it doesn’t it would save your battery.

Plus, listening to audio with your Bluetooth headphones uses the same amount of battery power when you play the music through speakers and with the Bluetooth switched off. Although the battery power consumed by Bluetooth is not as much as the battery consumed by wi-fi. 

Why are my Bluetooth headphones losing battery so fast?

Your Bluetooth headphones lose battery fast due to the Bluetooth connectivity on your phone. Plus, your battery loses fast due to the number of applications you are streaming. Exploring different applications requires more data, and phone screen activeness and these would cause your battery to lose fast. (Read Also:Will A Bad Alternator Diode Drain The battery?)

Ordinarily,  increasing your phone’s brightness and using the internet requires a lot of battery power which would cause your battery to lose fast. 

Talk more about streaming applications and connecting your Bluetooth headphones to your phone’s Bluetooth. To confirm the amount of power consumed by the applications you use on your phone, you can check the battery usage in your phone’s settings. 

Your battery tends to lose fast when your phone is in use,  but when it is not in use the battery would not drain fast or it might not lose at all.

However, there are ways by which you can preserve your phone’s battery from draining. There are also ways by which you can save your Bluetooth headphones battery. We will discuss this later on in this article, so just keep reading to receive full information. 

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How long do Bluetooth headphones’ batteries last?

Bluetooth headphones’ battery lasts for an average of 20 hours depending on the type of Bluetooth headphones you purchased. Technically, it takes about 3-4 hours to charge your Bluetooth headphones fully. There are some Bluetooth headphones programmed with longer battery life and hours of charge.

The amount of time it takes to charge your Bluetooth headphones would determine the battery lifespan and the quality. It was found that Bluetooth headphones charge fast from 0% to 70%, and reduce the charging speed to preserve the health of the battery.

This charged procedure is installed in a few Bluetooth devices like earbuds and AirPods. However, you might have noticed that when your Bluetooth headphones are low when you charge them, it increases the battery percentage in an hour. 

Some Bluetooth headphones with low-capacity batteries can last for 10 hours, which is why I said it depends on the type you purchase. Furthermore, the lifespan of your Bluetooth headphones battery would depend on how you manage it. (Read Also:What Should Alternator Voltage Be At Idle?)

How? If your Bluetooth headphones battery were programmed to last for months or a year, and you keep using the charge cycle, the battery life or health would subvert. If you stop using your Bluetooth headphones before the charge cycle is activated, you could help elongate the battery life. 

So, what do I mean by charge cycle? If you use your Bluetooth headphones below 25%, one part of the charge cycle is depleted. Likewise, if you stop using your Bluetooth headphones before it reaches 25%, then you can keep saving the health of the battery.

The principle is very simple, just disconnect the Bluetooth headphones once the battery is on 30%, and you are all good. You should also ensure your Bluetooth headphones are kept at -25⁰C to 65⁰C. The temperature they are being stored at shouldn’t be less or more than what I mentioned to preserve the battery.(Read Also:Can I Use A Battery Charger As A Power Supply?)

How do I stop my phone’s battery from draining?

You can stop your phone’s battery from draining by regulating your screen radiance, restricting the phone’s push reports, changing your phone’s location settings, and using the battery power mode. When all these are activated, your battery drains faster. I made mention of this topic earlier, so here we are. I will explain how you can do these further below. 

Regulating your screen radiance

You can do this by bringing down your phone notification bar. When you bring it down, you would see a slider at the top. Regulate the slider to the lowest.

If you can’t find the slider on your notification bar, go to your phone’s settings. Click on display, then click on Brightness. After that, you can successfully regulate the slider. 

Restricting the phone’s push reports

If you receive too many notifications on your phone, it can easily drain your battery. However, you can turn the reports off by doing the following:

Click on settings, then applications and notifications, and you would see a lot of applications listed. Pick the application you don’t want messages from, and turn it off.

Changing your phone’s location settings

Goggle Gps and maps help you with locations and the duration you have to arrive at your destination. However, when this location is turned on, it would drain your battery rapidly. Although you can turn it off when you don’t need it by doing the following:

Click on settings, then tap location. Turn the location setting off. You can proceed by clicking on the application permission to turn off any application using the location. 

Using your phone’s battery power mode

A lot of phones have an inbuilt battery power-saving mode when you turn this on this mode, you would be able to save your battery for a couple of hours.

You can turn it on by clicking on the settings, then tapping on the battery and the device care, then clicking on the battery. After clicking on battery, you will see power mode, turn it on. 

How can I save my Bluetooth headphones battery?

You can save your Bluetooth headphones battery by switching off the Bluetooth headphones, utilizing a suitable charger, and storing it properly.

Maintaining your Bluetooth headphone’s battery would help it last for a long period, and I’m sure that is what you want from your Bluetooth headphones. I would explain the ways you can save your Bluetooth headphones battery. 

Switching off the Bluetooth headphones

When you don’t need your Bluetooth headphones, you should switch them off. By doing this, you would save the battery for a long period.

Utilizing a suitable charger

Using a bad charger or rather the wrong charger for your Bluetooth headphones can reduce the battery. So, purchasing a suitable charger would help your Bluetooth headphones battery stay longer. 

Storing it properly

Where you keep your headphones do matter, to help them serve you for a long period. So, ensure your Bluetooth headphones are not kept in direct sunlight. 

Does Bluetooth Headphones Drain A battery – Conclusion

Do Bluetooth headphones drain a battery? Bluetooth headphones drain a battery fairly unlike when you play the music directly to a speaker. Ensure you do the right things to keep both your headphones and phone’s battery safe. 

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