Does Bluetooth Keyboard Drain Battery?

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Bluetooth technology has really helped to evolve how we enjoy our gadgets and appliances, and as such, we now have a smarter way of using stuff without having to necessarily move them around.

The computer keyboard is not left out as the Bluetooth version ensures that one can type from any point of the room as long as proper eye contact is maintained on the computer monitor, but does this harm the computer battery? Does Bluetooth keyboard drain battery?

No, a Bluetooth keyboard will not drain your laptop battery or any battery you think it is dependent on. This is because a Bluetooth keyboard has a separate power source from the battery, thereby, causing it not to have any significant impact on the battery.

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How long does the Bluetooth keyboard battery last?

So you might want to ask, how long does the Bluetooth keyboard battery last? Well, this depends on several factors such as, the make, battery capacity, amongst several others which I will be discussing in another section of this article; but on average, a laptop designed with inbuilt or internal batteries will last for 20-hours or more even if it was designed with backlights. 

Below are two factors that can shorten the lifespan of your Bluetooth keyboard battery during use;

Not properly charging before your first use

This doesn’t just apply to Bluetooth keyboards alone but other electronic appliances that use their own battery. You are advised to properly charge your Bluetooth keyboard to its maximum before using it for any purpose.

Failing to fully charge a new Bluetooth keyboard battery before usage would badly affect the overall lifespan of the battery, causing it to die faster than it normally would.

Constantly charging the Bluetooth keyboard

This also doesn’t just apply to the Bluetooth keyboard. When you constantly charge a Bluetooth keyboard without allowing it to reach a certain level of power discharge, not only are you killing the battery cells at a faster rate, you are also defeating the purpose of a Bluetooth keyboard as the charging wires would restrict just how convenient you can move it.

If you can put these two factors in check, then I can almost guarantee you that the battery of your Bluetooth keyboard would last for a very long time.

Another thing you can consider is buying a Bluetooth keyboard based on the activity you are likely to perform more – go for a gaming Bluetooth keyboard if you are likely to spend more time gaming, as they are designed to last longer than a convention Bluetooth keyboard designed for just typing.

Tips on how to prolong the battery life of your Bluetooth keyboard

Always remember to turn it off

The number one priority to note when using a Bluetooth keyboard is to turn it off after usage. Making this a habit will not only make the battery last longer when fully charged, but will also improve the overall lifespan of the battery. An easy way to go about this would be to use the manual on and off button that’s usually located in a visible area of the keyboard when you are through with a task. 

Note that not all Bluetooth keyboards are designed with a manual switch, so you have to be certain. Some are also designed to turn off if disconnected from a computer after a certain amount of time, or go to sleep mode on their own if it remains idle for a certain amount of time, but I would prefer to have a Bluetooth keyboard that I can turn off manually when it is not in use. This is because it takes a lot of power to revive a sleeping keyboard even if the activity involves simply involved just pressing a key or doing something similar. 

So let’s assume you don’t have a decent memory and regularly neglect to switch off your Bluetooth keyboard, you can set a reminder thanks to a tip I learned on labnol.

This is somewhat interesting, yet works! Simply click here and enter some text in the void ‘Compose HERE’ field. The site will change over the text into an MP3. Then, at that point, hit the ‘Listen’ button and the PC will express your words in a characteristic sounding female voice. 

Then, download the MP3 document, go to Control Panel > Change system Sounds > Exit Windows, and locate the downloaded recording to set it as an update for switching off your keyboard. You can also repeat the same process for shutting down your computer as a whole.

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Use your keyboard on the same surface as your computer

Although it might sound unreal, using your Bluetooth keyboard on the same surface as your computer has proven to help prolong its battery life according to some geek experts. It has been suggested that you place your Bluetooth keyboard at least 100cm or 39inches on the same surface as the computer in use.

Avoid placing your Bluetooth keyboard on metal surfaces

Most keyboards do not have a turn on/off switch and as such, the keyboard should be placed within 30cm of the computer try your uttermost best to ensure that no interference can result from other electrical devices such as your mobile phones or computer speakers – but most importantly, it shouldn’t be used on a large metal surface except stated otherwise by the manufacturer.

Always check the indicator to know when to charge

As stated earlier in this article, overcharging a Bluetooth keyboard can reduce its lifespan in the long run, and that’s why it is important to always look at the battery indicator at the appropriate time to connect your Bluetooth keyboard to a power source. The color pallets might be different, but there are normally three LED lights having green, yellow, and red colors.

The green light indicates that the battery is full, the yellow light tells you the batter is half or partially full, and the red light signifies that it’s high time you plug your Bluetooth radio into a power source.

I know the Bluetooth option gives you more freedom to use the keyboard at any distance you want, but you would do well to note that keeping your Bluetooth keyboard close to your computer would help in preserving the battery life.(Read Also:How Many Amps Should The Alternator Put Out?)

Factors to consider when buying a Bluetooth keyboard

Before I go further, I would like to let you in on the two types of keyboards we have – Membrane and Mechanical keyboards.

The Membrane Keyboards

The buttons on the membrane keyboards are very similar to the ones we have on a TV remote. They make less noise when typed upon and don’t give you the feel you might have if you have used an ancient typewriter – this is not to say it’s a bad thing though. Most computers meant for personal use are usually designed this way, so it should come as a shock at all. Membrane keyboards are very reliable but not as durable as Mechanical Keyboards.

The Mechanical Keyboards

The Mechanical keyboards will give you a physical feel of typing, especially if you enjoyed using the typewriters of yesteryears, and if you enjoy typing fast, then mechanical keyboards come highly recommended. Mechanical keyboards have removable keys that help in terms of cleaning and customization, and they are mostly used by geeks and gamers who spend a lot of time on the computer. 

Having known the major differences, identify the one that suits your need and apply the following factors below.

Check out the Ergonomics design of the keyboard

The Ergonomics design of a keyboard simply means the shape and design of the keyboard. This is important if you spend an awful lot of time on the keyboard. A keyboard that has a good ergonomic design – be it a membrane or mechanical keyboard – will save you lots of pain when typing.

Flat keyboards are one of the common keyboards we have available, but they are known to cause some discomfort on the wrist when used at long intervals. This can be arrested by using wrist rests to help enhance the wrist posture.

In all fairness, go for the all-in-ergonomic keyboards. They might look ugly, but they are built to provide your wrist with maximum comfort, especially if you spend most of your time on the keyboard.

Look out for portability

The essence of a Bluetooth keyboard is how portable it can be – it can be taken anywhere for use. If you are someone who is always on the go, I suggest you go for a foldable or roll-able keyboard as they can be easily taken anywhere. Mechanical keyboards also come in a more portable fashion.

Additional special features

Depending o your personal need, you might want to look for a keeping having some of the following explained below;

Couch keyboards

The beauty of a couch keyboard is that it has a small touchpad that can serve as a mouse, which means you don’t have to worry about operating a wireless mouse and keyboard at the same time. They are great when your computer is connected to a TV.

RGB and backlight

If you are someone who prefers something fancy, then consider going for a keyboard that has backlights that can be set to match your room color or ambiance. They also make it a lot easier to type in the dark.

Multi-device keyboards

If you are looking for something high-tech, then consider the multi-device keyboards. They are very flexible as they can switch between devices in real-time. They can also carry clipboard contents across several devices, but this feature is available on keyboards supporting Logitech.

Customized keys

Keyboards having customized leys are ideal for gamers as they help to perform several gaming functions, but they also help in proving quality shortcuts when programming or surfing the web.

Does Bluetooth Keyboard Drain Battery – Conclusion

Does the Bluetooth keyboard drain the battery? Now that you know it doesn’t, I hope you follow all the guidelines spelled out in this article on how to properly maintain a keyboard. Kindly drop your comments and suggestions in the comment section. Cheers!!!    

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