How Long Can You Leave A Battery Tender On A Motorcycle?

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It’s spring season after long winter days. Everywhere seems pretty thawed out, and abandoned equipment and autos such as trucks, motorcycles, bikes, etc, are being reused. This spring season means you can awaken your motorcycle’s battery after a long winter rest.

If you can remember before now, during the end of the fall season, you attached your motorcycle’s battery to a battery charger to conserve the battery. However, the question is will your motorcycle’s battery be as good as before? “How long can you leave a battery tender on a motorcycle?”

How Long Can You Leave A Battery Tender On A Motorcycle? You can leave the battery tender on a motorcycle battery for at least 23 hours on a float, plus the quantity of time it takes the battery charger to get to the display stage.

You can also leave the battery tender on your motorcycle all the time. Most sellers would advise you to plug the battery tender and leave it. However, it is advisable to always check on the battery tender after every two weeks. 

The battery tender is always on float mode so, you do not need to worry much about your motorcycle battery. Furthermore, a battery tender can slow charge your battery, but it would protect your fully charged battery.

 In addition, some people mistake battery tender for a trickle charger. A battery charger and a trickle charger are quite similar, but a battery tender is more active than a trickle charger.

A battery tender provides your battery with its lost charge at a fixed volt after self-discharging. When your motorcycle battery is well maintained, it can last for about six years or more. 

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Is it okay to leave a battery tender on a motorcycle battery at all times?

Yes, you can leave the battery tender on a motorcycle battery at all times. Previously, I mentioned what a salesperson would tell a battery tender buyer, “you can plug the battery tender and forget it”.

It is all true that you can do that, but I would advise you to always check the battery tender and the battery after a few weeks. By doing this, you would know when your motorcycle battery has a faint cell to pick up a charge. (Read Also:Do Alternator Whine?)

This kind of situation doesn’t show up until when you are out with your motorcycle for an important event, and it is always when the battery is connected to the tender. 

If anything goes wrong with your battery, you would be left with different questions running up in your head. Questions like, what happened to the battery? Did the battery tender affect the battery? and a lot more. So, it is very important to understand electricity terms so you don’t get into a messed-up moment with your motorcycle.

You have to be energetic and predict issues when a battery tender is connected to a battery. Out of 100%, there is 99.8% certainty that nothing would go wrong. However, this still means there is still about a 0.2% chance of something going wrong with either the battery tender or the battery. 

You should keep in mind that regardless of how good a battery tender or other products might be, one or two things might still occur later.

Now, you might be thinking about when those things would happen or how they would occur. There is no way we can predict these things. However, all manufacturers ensure that they apply all their effort, money, and time to make sure their product lasts for a long period. Then, it is left for you as the user to properly maintain and crosscheck the product every time. 

According to my research, I found out that the battery tender has a 10 years warranty, which makes it different from other battery chargers. Plus, a battery tender is one of the safest means to charge up a drained battery without any fire hazard.

How long can you leave a trickle charger on your motorcycle battery?

The time distance you can leave a trickle charger on motorcycle banks on the charger you choose to use. If you are utilizing a maintenance trickle charger, it provides a sufficient charge to keep your battery fully charged at all times.

The maintenance trickle charger protects the battery by providing the lacking charge during self-discharge with a consistent voltage. So, if you choose to use the maintenance trickle charger on your motorcycle for a long period, it would not harm the battery.

However, if you are using a basic trickle charger, it charges at a limited rate. if the trickle charger reads 1.24 amp, use the amp/hour of the trickle charger to divide the 1.24 amp. For instance, let’s assume the amp/hour is 19, then you would say 19 amp/hour divided by 1.24 amp which equals 15 hours and some minutes.

This implies that if you use a basic trickle charger, you can leave it on your motorcycle battery for about 15 hours and some minutes. If you leave the trickle charger on your motorcycle for more than 15 hours, the hotter the battery would be.

 Technically speaking, the more this basic charger is attached to your battery, the more the battery would get hot, and with time the battery would get dried. It is advisable to get a maintenance trickle charger for your motorcycle battery.

You can buy – NOCO GENIUS 1, 1-Amp Fully-Automatic Smart Charger, 6V and 12V Battery Charger, Battery Maintainer, Trickle Charger, and Battery Desulfator with Temperature Compensation, This type of battery was programmed to switch off when the battery is completely charged and to switch on when the battery loses its charge. Except this maintenance trickle charger is faulty, it can never harm the battery or get it dried. 

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Can a battery tender damage a motorcycle battery?

No, a battery tender cannot harm a motorcycle battery. Technically, a battery tender was manufactured to turn off when your motorcycle battery is satisfactorily charged and to turn on when the battery discharges. You can utilize this battery tender on your motorcycle battery for a long period and it wouldn’t harm the battery.

You can fasten the charger into your motorcycle battery all through the winter season and even during spring. 

However, ensure you test both the battery tender and the battery frequently. By doing this, you would be aware asap when the battery or battery tender develops any fault.

This battery tender is advisable for people that don’t use their motorcycles or cars for a long period. It is also for people who live in a cold country. The battery tender would safely maintain the motorcycle battery’s charge when it is not functioning. 

You should know that batteries need to get warmed up during the cold season, so binding a battery tender to the battery would help. Plus, an unused motorcycle would lose its battery charge without a battery tender. You have to utilize a battery tender to keep your battery well-charged and well protected. 

How to connect your battery tender to your motorcycle battery?

As important as a battery tender is for your motorcycle battery, it is also important for you to learn how to bind it to your motorcycle battery. I would list the steps on how you can connect your battery tender to your motorcycle battery. Just heed the steps below.

Step 1

Switch off your motorcycle

You have to ensure your motorcycle is switched off, to make it lenient for you to work on your motorcycle. 

Step 2

Disconnect the positive and negative end

Utilize a spanner to detach both the positive and negative ends from the motorcycle battery.

Step 3

Link these ends to the battery tender

Adjoin the positive end of the motorcycle battery to the positive end of the battery tender. Also, adjoining the negative end of the battery tender to the motorcycle engine slab. Nb- never fasten the negative wire to the working parts of the motorcycle engine.

Step 4

Switch on the battery tender

Link the battery tender plug to an outlet, then switch it on.

Step 5

Examine the battery tender light indicator

If the battery tender light indicator reveals a red light, this implies your motorcycle battery is charging. If the battery tender indicates a green light, this implies the motorcycle battery is completely charged.

Step 6

Disconnect the battery tender

Ensure you unplug the battery tender from the outlet. Proceed by, removing the negative end, and removing the positive end. Then, reconnect the positive connector cable and the negative connector cable. 

NB-As I said earlier, you can choose to leave the battery tender attached to your motorcycle battery. Just ensure you inspect the two pieces of equipment constantly. 

How Long Can You Leave A Battery Tender On A Motorcycle – Conclusion

How long can you leave a battery tender on a motorcycle? You can put the battery tender as long as you are not utilizing your motorcycle. You don’t have to be bothered, it won’t harm your motorcycle battery. You can look into the trickle charger I recommended, I’m sure it would fit your motorcycle battery. 

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