How To Charge A Car Battery While Still Connected?

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Car batteries must certainly die, or rather run-down, once in a while and so, we are right to seek for how they can be revived at ease and with the least possible delay, whenever that happens. If you have a dead car battery to contend with, you have several options to go about this most important revival.

To awaken a dead car battery, you can either jump-start the battery using the viable battery of another car or do it via a portable jump starter, replace the dead battery with a new one( which may not always be necessary) or try re-charging the battery, to see if it will function effectively afterward. Once the battery of any car runs down to about 11.5 Volts, you obviously do not have much option other than to do something about it through any of the methods listed above.

How To Charge A Car Battery While Still Connected? It is very possible to charge a car battery while it is still connected to the car. This possibility has even occasioned the manufacture of some modern cars whose batteries are not easily removable due to their concealment in the engine compartments and which also have permanent battery terminals built in them, using which necessary connections can be made to effect charging their batteries without the need to access the batteries at all.

These smart cars, as they are commonly known, are equipped with smart car battery chargers that monitor and regulate the number of amps delivered into their batteries.

For this reason, smart cars have permanent battery charging leads that you can use to connect onto the terminals of your car or boat batteries in order to charge them, which makes battery charging simple and fun to execute.

In some of these cars, the batteries are sited so far down in the hull of their engines that makes it difficult to connect the charging clamp holds onto them. This is the reason why these smart cars have permanent charge terminals mounted on their body frames outside.

To charge your car battery while it is still connected in the car, you must go about it preferably according to the following steps

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How To Charge A Car Battery While Still Connected With Steps

Step 1

Be sure that your car is parked for charging in a well-ventilated area with its hood or bonnet widely opened and most importantly, out of any direct sunlight.

The vehicle alternator is one component whose death or malfunction spells unavoidable doom and death to any car battery regardless of its quality, price, or even how much care it enjoys.

This will no doubt give you a sound idea of how important these pieces of equipment are if we must remain on the road or continue on that journey of a lifetime.

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Step 2

Preliminary to charging your car battery, check the water level in each cell of the battery and there are six in every battery. Where the water level is low, top it up with distilled water only and not any kind of water. A mark somewhere on the side of the battery will guide you in the correct judgment of approved water levels that must be contained in the cells.

The importance of car batteries cannot be overemphasized, which is a fact we are all too aware of,  especially judging by how much we have been continuously inundated with details on them steadily in this article.

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Step 3

Always make sure that you charge the battery using the correct voltage and current suitable to the capacity of your battery. Please, be advised that under no circumstance must you charge a 6  Volts battery with a 12 Volts charger.

Thereafter, connect your charger and proceed to charge the battery according to regulated standards and a modern car battery charger has all the necessary features which will make this procedure simple and fast.

Always connect the red or positive terminals of your battery to the positive charge leads on your car and do the same with the black or the negative terminals of the battery to the negative leads of the car.

Take special note to ensure that this is done correctly or you may risk a lot. Finally, check all the electrical cables for any sign of tightness or broken insulation,  before and also after charging the battery.

Step 4

Having come this far, you are almost done with charging your car battery and at this stage, you are required to wipe away any spilled or bubbled liquids from the battery electrolyte with a clean cloth, towel, or rag.

If you notice any conspicuous swelling or bulge on the side of your battery before you start charging it, be advised not to go ahead with the charging, but rather see to its permanent replacement with a new one.

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Can You Charge A Car Battery While Still Connected?

Yes, you can. This is because some cars have special features built-in to enable you to do that conveniently. However, be sure to use the correct battery charger in doing this, since failing to do so may pose obvious risks to the charger, battery, or even yourself and others around, in extreme cases.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Battery In This Way?

How long it takes to fully charge a car battery while it is still connected is not much different from the length of time it takes to charge when the battery is removed.

For the purpose of discussion, however, the length of time any car battery takes before it is fully charged is determined by the quality and rating of your charger, the depth of draining in your battery as well as the status or condition of the battery itself.

However, despite all these, charging a car battery fully by this method takes between three to four hours, especially with batteries that run down only recently, for whatever reason(s). The case is quite different with batteries that have died and remained so for extended periods. In this kind of battery, the time it takes to fully charge them is much longer. (Read Also:How Many Times Can You Start A Car Without An Alternator?)

Are There Any Risks Associated With This Charging Method?

Strictly speaking, there are no particular risks in comparison to all other procedures other than those which are already known. Having said that, like in all other cases, there is the risk of getting the battery or the charger damaged due to the use of incorrect or disproportionate chargers.

Additionally, you should not charge a car battery with any voltage higher or lower than its rating, otherwise, you may irreversibly damage the such battery.

Monitor the entire process while in progress to avoid overcharging the battery as well. This monitoring is made easier in some modern chargers due to their special features and where such charges are not available, manual monitoring will suffice to make battery charging a safe endeavor

What Tools Do You Require To Charge By This Method?

The tools required before you can charge your car battery while it is still connected in the hood or bonnet are only slightly different from those required in other methods.

Essentially, you need the following: a dead car battery(which is the primary object of the exercise), a car battery charger that is compatible with your battery, jumper cables or other connecting wires, a steady source of power supply, and the outside terminal leads of the car whose battery is to be charged.

You may need the services of an automatic voltage regulator in some cases,  to forestall any possible ugly incidents, and for the purpose of topping up electrolyte content of the battery cells where necessary, you may also need distilled water as well.

Are There Ways To Make This Method Of Charging More Efficient? 

Of course, there are. To start with, the process is much more efficient when the correct equipment is used which includes a compatible and highly rated car battery charger.

To make it more efficient, make sure that the current flows smoothly without any hindrance or restriction from the charger to the terminals on the car, which are by extension the battery terminals.

This can be done by making sure that you wipe off any grime or stains from all conducting surfaces before establishing connections. The procedure can also run faster, more smoothly and with reduced risks, if you perform it inadequately ventilated surroundings with the bonnet or hood of the car widely opened.

How Can You Make The Use Of Car Battery Chargers More Effective?

There are several ways and means of using your battery chargers to make them last longer, and become more effective and harmless to the car and all of its components.

For a start, it is common practice for drivers or car owners to always remove the car battery chargers the instant they are done charging. It, therefore, becomes imperative to ask whether leaving the charger connected to the battery after charging has any negative effects on the battery. No, it does not affect the battery in any way provided it is a smart charger.

However, be sure to check up on the battery water or electrolyte level in its cells, once every few days. This is of particular importance since it is known that alarm systems and other electronic equipment put a mandatory drain on the battery,  which translates into electrolyte content depletion.

This brings up the issue of whether the electrical systems of the car can be damaged by the charger. No, there is no likelihood of that, as long as you are using a smart 12 Volts car battery charger and that you always follow the charging steps discussed earlier in this article, even when the charger is rated up to about 15 Volts.

How To Charge A Car Battery While Still Connected – Conclusion 

Multiple ways of charging car batteries exist, to take care of your needs,  regardless of where you find yourself or what conditions prevail at the time of the complaint with your battery.

This gigantic investment of time and enormous finances in technology,  only serve to delineate the importance of car batteries to humanity worldwide. You can now jump start with another car to start your dead battery, resuscitate it at home using a domestic electric supply, utilize an automated car battery charger to resurrect a dead battery, use solar panels, and so on.

This prompts the belief and assertion that your car battery is only dead when you want it dead! How apt, this coinage sounds, because in our contemporary world, a dead battery is never really dead, unless you so desire to, if you get what I am insinuating. Simply learn the basics and Knitty gritty of battery resuscitation and you will never be off the road. That is just it.

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