How To Push An Automatic Car With Dead Battery?

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An overwhelming number of cars now come with automatic transmission systems which are, for all intents and purposes, more convenient to drive and navigate with, in our ever-busy stop-and-go city traffic.

The exceptional luxury and convenience with these sort of cars come at a price; they cannot, in all sincerity, be pushed, if and when they splutter to a stop for whatever reason, quite unlike other conventional or manual cars.

Automatic cars are built with an open clutch that prevents you from being able to push start these cars, whereas, in manual cars, you can easily close this clutches such that the engine will be cranked to life and get it to push started.

In such a situation, the only option is to jump-start the car or get the services of a tow truck to pull you to a mechanic because the automatic car won’t simply push start.

How To Push An Automatic Car With Dead Battery? You can’t push start an automatic car and so,  when it dies on you either in transit or under any circumstance, you only have a few options on how to maneuver around the problem.

The first of such options is to jump-start the car. How do you jump-start an automatic car?  You have two options here,  which are jump-starting the dead car with that of another car or with the aid of a  portable jump starter.

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How To Jump-Start An Automatic Car

This can be done with the help of the transmission system of another car, through using its battery to resurrect yours, by connecting booster cables,  which will transmit its energy directly into your dead battery. Despite this possibility, there is still another matter which has to do with battery compatibility.

Where the battery of your car and that of the second car have varying battery voltages, attempting any battery jump-starting can be a risky enterprise, as it can lead to damage to both batteries. Luckily enough, most car batteries are rated 12 Volts and so, that rarely happens,  but occasionally it does.

During jump-starting, a dead car battery with jumper cables, the alligator clips, which are at the end of the jumper cables, must never come in contact with one another or even with the body of the car itself, while you are connecting the batteries.

When this happens, you risk a spark and its many likely outcomes, which may portend danger to persons or equipment.

After connecting the two batteries, allow enough time for the power surge to hit the dead battery which can only take a few minutes. (Read Also: Can Jumper Cables Get Wet?)

Be also advised not to try revving the vehicle engine in an attempt to initiate a power surge. The instant the dead car battery cranks to life, promptly disconnect the jumper cables by removing the positive cable first, before the negative, and without allowing them to touch each other.

Jump-Starting With A Portable Jump Starter

They are simply great for jump-starting dead batteries in automatic cars. Portable jump starters have a compact battery that can be recharged easily by simply plugging it into the wall socket, akin to a handphone, and it is as powerful as a car battery too.

They provide immense benefits such as: cranking your dead car battery without the need for another car (quite unlike conventional jump-starting, which we have discussed a lot previously), they have reverse polarity protection, and you do not have to worry about the possibility of overcharging your battery, and also, you do not need assistance from anyone.

Be advised, and most sincerely too, to please invest in a portable jump starter, if you have an automatic transmission car.

Does Pushing An Automatic Car With A Dead Battery Resuscitate It And Why?

No, pushing does not revive the dead battery of an automatic car. This is because, an automatic car is equipped with an open clutch that prevents you from being able to push start the car, whereas, in manual cars, you can close this clutch to help crank the engine to life when it dies on you by push starting it.

What To Do To Revive The Dead Battery In An Automatic Car

In order to revive the dead battery in an automatic car, you have quite a few options, which is impressive indeed.

Firstly, you can always jump-start the dead battery with the good battery of another car, if they have equal voltage capacities. Secondly, you can also make use of a portable jump starter pack, which for all intents and purposes, is reminiscent of a car battery itself.

Thirdly, you can use the battery in another car, if it is similar to yours to start the dead battery, without the need for any jumper cables. This is more or less a modified version of jump-starting one car with another.

Fourthly, you can solicit the help of a tow truck to get you to a garage,  where your battery can be attended to, and fifthly, you can take off your fan belt and spin the alternator. Wow, wow, please, do not try this if you are inexperienced or you do not have any experienced person handy to help you with the procedure.

This is simply because, if executed wrongly, it can cause grave harm to the car or even yourself sometimes. So, without any experience, don’t go that way, please. Finally, you can replace the dead battery with a new one.

Simple. This is the best option, but obviously the least attractive, right? Well, that is it, if you must awaken any dead automatic car battery.

Can You Compare The Dead Battery In An Automatic Car With Others?

There is not much that is different in automatic car batteries when compared to the batteries of conventional or manual cars really.

The only difference, if you must call it that, is the ability to push start the dead battery of a manual car, which you cannot do with automatic cars. Other than this, both batteries are basically the same in all perspectives.

How Can You Improve Battery Longevity In Automatic Cars?

What you do to enable the battery in an automatic car to last longer is also not very different from what you do to maintain batteries in manual cars, such as giving them regular inspection to ascertain their condition, topping up fluids in their cells with distilled water when they go down, turning off all accessories including headlights, radios, AC, interior lights, wipers and so on, when the engine is not running. (Read Also: How To Charge A 12Volt Battery From A 24Volt System)

Most importantly, taking measures to make sure battery charging is done perfectly and with great care. There is also the matter of not keeping them for long in storage without warming them up.

If you religiously keep to these cardinal laws, your batteries are assured to serve you for longer than you have ever imagined.

What Does It Cost To Revive The Dead Battery Of An Automatic Car?

Reviving the dead battery of an automatic car does not cost much more than what you spend on reviving the batteries of manual cars.

This means that aside from any extra expenses you may incur in buying a portable jump starter if you opt for it, everything stays much the same as it is in manual cars.

For instance,  you will have expenses by way of electricity tariff whenever you charge your battery and there is also the cost of electrolytes and distilled water, from time to time, as well what you may spend on jumper cables too. By and by, whatever you spend, is truly worth it, if you get the satisfaction you are paying for in the end, right?

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How To Start An Automatic Car With  Dead Battery

In a standard or manual car, starting a dead battery does not entail more than simply running it down a hill or getting people to give you a slight push and popping the clutch, but an automatic car with a dead battery is really dead, or even ‘very dead,’ if there is any such thing as very dead!  A viable option is to jump this dead battery in the automatic car. We would look at how best you can do that easily, in simple steps as follows:


Step 1

First, open the hood of the car and get your jumper starter pack out. You have been repeatedly advised to always keep them fully charged for just this kind of occasion.

Well, the payday has finally come, mister. Charging these gadgets is made easy since they have a life indicator that tells you when they need charging.

Nothing takes the place of a good and reliable car battery, irrespective of whether the vehicle is manual or automatic, and that brings to mind the role of a standard car battery alternator, an indispensable accomplice in this all-important enterprise.

For this reason, we are glad to introduce to you one of Amazon’s most reliable vehicle alternators, the DB Electrical AD0215 Alternator Replacement for Chevy C Truck Silverado. It is available at pocket-friendly prices, conforms to all OEM regulations, and is sold under marvelous terms.

Step 2

Attach the red clamp of the jump starter pack, which is its positive terminal, to the positive terminal of your dead battery and the black clamp of the starter pack to that of your car battery, if the starter pack has an ‘off and ‘on’ buttons. If it does not, please connect the black terminals first before the red ones.

Alternatively, which is even more preferable, regardless of whether there is an ‘off’ or ‘on’ buttons,  for reasons of safety, always attach the black or negative terminals before the red or positive ones.

Sometimes, car battery failure has little or nothing to do with the batteries themselves, but other accomplices that may force them to fail.

This is what happens when you are landed with a faulty vehicle alternator. Luckily, these bits of gadgets don’t just fail without giving hints that they are in fact dying.

Be that as it may, we think it imperative to point you in the direction of standard and widely accepted car alternators such as the New DB Electrical Alternator ADR0335- C Compatible with/ Replacement for 7.4L Chevrolet C20 Suburban 1986, 4.1L Buick LeSabre 1983 1-2400- 11DR-2, 7127- SECN- 100A.

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They are as durable as any such product you may find on the market and are sold with impressive customer-friendly terms of the guarantee

Step 3

Ensure that the cables and clamps to the jump starter are not in the way to interfere with any moving engine parts when it is eventually started.

From here, turn on the power switch of the starter pack, if it has one,  and start the car as well. After the revival of your dead battery, you can then turn the power switch of the starter pack off and remove the black clamp first, before the red one.

Finally, close the hood and that is it! How difficult is that? I guess not at all, and so do you too. One good thing about jump starter packs is the fact that they can get your car up and running in record time without the need for help from anyone.(Read Also:Can A Bad Alternator Cause Transmission Problems?)

Furthermore, the question of keeping them ready for just these kinds of occasions is made easier by the fact that they have a built-in indicator, which keeps you reminded whenever they require charging too. This eliminates the likelihood of getting landed with both a dead battery and jump starter pack as well.

How To Push An Automatic Car With Dead Battery – Conclusion

If you would just make a concerted effort and strive to heed all the bits of the information herein, you are not only going to enjoy pleasant motoring but will also save yourself a lot of money by avoiding needless expenses and wastefulness. It is advised to listen,  for you stand to gain immeasurably from all these, by simply doing just that.

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