How To Recharge A Car Battery Unturned?With Steps In 2022

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Sometimes one is liable to forget and mistakenly leave the lights in the car on, the result of which is the inevitable draining of its battery. Any car battery can be revived, if and when it is down, but where it is irreversibly dead, then replacement is the only way to go.

How To Recharge A Car Battery Unturned? Car batteries get charged by harnessing energy from their engine and most of them can go for several years without the need for recharging or any replacements. However, when the lights are mistakenly left on for lengthy spells, the battery is likely going to get drained completely or partially.

In such instances, you have no option other than to recharge such drained batteries. How then, do you recharge a dead car battery unturned? We shall see to the proper execution of this procedure in due course.

Before you embark on recharging any battery, there are certain tools that must be kept handy which are: protective eyeglasses, safety hand gloves, a car battery charger, and some good cables or wires for connections. (Read Also: How To Charge Multiple 18650 Batteries)

The procedure should be executed preferably in a well-ventilated and properly illuminated place,  where there are no children loitering around. Go about the entire process in the steps explained underneath. We would not be doing adequate justice to the article if we do not introduce to you some modern car battery chargers, which are supplied by Amazon that have all the qualities enumerated and more.

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Table Of Contents

Preparing To Recharge The Car Battery

Step 1

Wear protective eyeglasses in order to give safety its pride of place, before you start anything. These glasses will protect you from any falling materials from the car, battery sparks, or corrosive electrolytes, should the battery become compromised. Dorn hand gloves also serve as protection from small pinches and cuts while going about the work. (Read Also: How To Charge A Car Battery While Still Connected)

Step 2

In this step, you are required to determine the kind of battery you have and this information on battery type is usually written conspicuously somewhere on the battery casing. Should this label with the battery’s specifications be missed or defaced, you may reach the manufacturers through their websites for the necessary information.

The user manual can also help with this information in most cases. Major types of batteries are: (a) the wet cell batteries which are serviceable and whose charge and life you can easily improve and (b) the VRLA( Very Regulated Lead Acid) batteries which are sealed and hence require little or no maintenance at all. (Read Also: How To Open BMW Hood With Dead Battery)

The VRLA batteries come as gel cells or absorbed glass material batteries, which are not common in most cars unless may be bought as an aftermarket modification. (Read Also: How To Charge Car Battery With DC Power Supply)

Step 3

Be sure to get a battery charger that is most appropriate for your battery. It is though worthy of note that, most chargers will work for practically all batteries,  except maybe the gel cell batteries. Some chargers can be fast and may even help you to jump-start your battery.

There are also those chargers that are provided with microprocessors, which enable you to monitor how much the battery has been charged and to stop the process the moment the battery is fully charged. A process that will prevent overcharging the battery and its attendant repercussions.

Other simpler and archaic chargers may however need to be stopped manually,  to prevent overcharging and they must not also be left unattended to, when connected,  for the same reason.

The charger’s user manual will help you to use it properly and make sure to closely monitor even the newest digitalized chargers to ascertain that they not only work properly but also prevent overcharging of the battery.

Highly recommended car batteries will go a long way to protect you from undue expenses and any possible premature battery replacement due to their durability and resilience,  such as Amazon’s Optima Batteries 8012- 021D34.

Step 4

Before conducting any repairs, disconnect and remove the battery from your car. Though you can recharge the battery even when it is in the car, but sometimes, reaching the battery and connecting charging cables to it may be difficult and for this reason, you may have to remove it entirely while charging.

In the event that you are not certain where the battery is located in the hood, check the user manual since car batteries can be either in the trunk or hood of the car. After finding the battery, disconnect its negative terminal first before the positive.

Step 5

The presence of any dirt or grime on the battery terminal may prevent it from working properly or even stop it from working completely. So, clean the battery terminal very well with baking soda and a wet towel or a piece of cloth. You may equally use sandpaper to do this.

It is not uncommon to find that in some cases, the battery may be fully charged, but dirt or grime on its terminals have hampered its proper function. Make sure that you do not touch the terminals with your bare hands especially where there is a white powder on them.

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How To Recharge A Car Battery Unturned

Charging The Battery With A Speed Or Trickle Charger

All the procedures explained above are the necessary steps that must be taken before you embark on recharging any car battery. Here,  we shall discuss the actual process of car battery charging, which is also in steps as follows:

Step 1

Start this process by placing the charger on a stable surface that will not tumble while working on it, but never place it on the battery since it can mistakenly connect the battery terminals together with possible damage to the battery or the charger and in extreme cases, may even start a fire.

To be on the safe side, place the charger on a stable surface and as far away from the battery as the cables will permit, and before plugging it into any power supply, open all doors and possibly windows to ensure adequate lighting and ventilation.

Some car battery chargers are more reliable than others,  because not only do they charge faster than most, they also outlast them,  which can be attested to by their popularity and excellent customer recommendations worldwide such as Amazon’s 65 W 45W Type C USB Laptop Charger for HP Chromebook 14 13 X360 G5 -14

Step 2

Now, proceed to connect the battery to the charger by attaching the black or negative cable on the charger to the negative or black terminal on the battery, both of which carry a (-) sign on them.

Thereafter,  proceed to connect the red or positive terminal on the charger to the red or positive terminal on the battery. Check the connections properly before moving any further and connecting to the power source,  since any mistake here may cause irreparable damage to the battery, start a fire, or both.

Step 3

At this stage, you are required to set the charger which is easier with digital chargers that may indicate the existing voltage and thus allow you to choose the speed at which you wish to charge your battery. Older versions of these car battery chargers may just feature the ‘on’ and ‘off’ buttons only in their settings.

When your battery dies secondary to mistakenly leaving your lights on, speedy charging is good for it, while any battery that has been dead for some time, may require slow charging.

Step 4

While the charging is in progress, check it to ensure that everything is just fine, though some digital chargers may give you a readout, which will tell you if the battery is properly holding the charge or if you need to replace it.

You may use a voltmeter to check the voltage of the battery after disconnection by touching the positive and negative terminals from the voltmeter to the corresponding terminals on the battery if it is not in the car. If the battery is in the car, the only way to test it is by attempting to start the car. (Read Also:Does Battery Voltage Drop When It Discharges?)

What Tools Are Necessary To Charge A Car Battery Unturned?

Certainly using the best and appropriate tools is necessary if you must get the procedure right and to do so perfectly, you require protective eyeglasses, compact hand gloves, jumper cables, or good conducting wires as well as a car battery charger that is compatible with your type of battery.

Is This Mode Of Charging As Good As All Others? 

Yes, it is especially where you use the correct battery chargers and you set the voltage well. You may also have to monitor the process closely to avoid any overcharging, especially when you are using a manual charger that does not have the features for some automation. Provided these conditions are met, charging a car battery this way is as good as any other. (Read Also:How Many Watts Does A Car Battery Charger Use?)

Does Charging By This Method Affect The Battery In Any Way?

Whether this charging method affects the battery or not depends on how well it was executed. Provided you make the connections of the terminals correctly and the battery is not compromised in any way, the battery does not come up against any risks by simply charging in this way. However, be certain to monitor the process as closely as possible, from start to finish,  even when you are using a fully digital modern car battery charger, to forestall any eventuality.

How Long Does It Take To Charge This Way?

How long it takes to charge a car battery fully depends on how drained the battery is and also on the strength of the charger you are using. On the whole and putting everything into consideration, it takes between one to about four hours to get your battery fully charged.

However, for batteries that have stayed dead for quite some time, the charging may take much longer than that, and in some instances,  you may be required to do it overnight or through several hours at a stretch.

How Can You Make This Method Of Charging More Effective?

In order to make charging a car battery more effective, you may need to get a modern fully digitalized charger that is equipped with all the features to enhance the process speedily. Furthermore, you need to set the voltage very well and also monitor the process closely. To do this well, you will have to know the specifications of your kind of battery which will also enable you to choose the correct car battery charger for it.

Does Charging This Way Cost More Or Less Than Others And Why?

How much you spend to charge your car battery by this method is dependent on the electricity tariff you incur as well as the cost of the car battery charger you are using. Consequently, one can say,  with some certainty,  that this method of charging is as economical as all others, if not more so for the obvious advantages it has. This is a result of the chance to monitor the process and thereby prevent unnecessary damage to the battery.

How To Recharge A Car Battery Unturned – Conclusion

It happens often that one forgets to turn off the car’s headlights and other accessories too. This will inevitably lead to the car battery running down either completely or partially. In order to reverse the consequences of this annoying forgetfulness, you need only a good car battery charger to do that.

Luckily, there are various models and makes of these chargers to select from on the market. Simply get the one that is most compatible with your battery and in a twinkle, your battery is as good as you may want it. There is the need to equip yourself with the knowledge that will come in handy when in distress while driving.

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