Will A Bad Battery Keep A Laptop From Turning On?

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All devices always need the right amount of charge to keep them functioning. You might have been in an awkward situation whereby one of your gadgets wouldn’t power on because of a bad or dead battery making you unable to complete your assignment.

However, will a bad battery affect a laptop’s performance? “Will a bad battery keep a laptop from turning on?”

Yes, a bad battery can keep a laptop from turning on. A bad battery could affect the laptop’s power and also damage some other components. However, note that you can use the laptop without a battery by connecting it to an alternating current.

With this, you can complete your assignments on your laptop, without having to worry about a battery. Ensure you remove the bad battery from your laptop before doing this, to avoid acid leakage in the laptop. 

However, just keep in mind that when there is a power failure, your laptop would shut down immediately, and you would lose unsaved files.

In addition, not all laptop models would run without a battery. So, if you own a laptop that would work without a battery when connected to an alternating current, then, you would have to supplant the battery. You must ensure the battery is for your laptop prototype and it must be well charged. 

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What is the problem if my laptop is not turning on?

Your laptop is not powering on due to either of these issues- a defective electrical power, flunking disk drive, or a crashed screen.(Read Also:Does Bluetooth Drain The Battery On A Laptop?)

In most cases, you might be privileged to do the repairs yourself by buying the damaged parts or resetting your laptop’s arrangement. However, if your laptop is an outdated model, and the damage is from the disk drive, you might have to purchase a new laptop. 

Nonetheless, I would provide solutions to each of the problems I mentioned above, and hopefully, you would be able to get your laptop back on. After trying each of the solutions recommended, and your laptop does not turn on, you would have to change your laptop. Let’s get right into the solutions.

Method 1

Examine the electrical power and the battery

If your laptop does not power on when you connect the charger, then you have to examine the laptop’s electrical power.

The trouble could be with the electrical power. For instance, it could be that the charging cable is not suitable, which is why your laptop is receiving the right voltage. It could also be that the electrical power is bad. However, to examine the electrical power, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Disconnect the battery from the laptop.

Step 2

Proceed by clogging your laptop into an operating outlet.

Step 3

Ensure you connect other gadgets to the outlet to make sure it is working perfectly. If the outlet is operating perfectly, then the case is not with the outlet.

Step 4

Try utilizing the laptop without the battery. If the laptop works without the battery while you are connected to an AC, the trouble is with the battery. (Read Also:Can A Bad Battery Make Your Computer Slow?)

Step 5

You would have to purchase a modern laptop battery. However, in the meantime, you can keep using your laptop while it is connected to an AC.

Step 6

It is okay to use your laptop without a battery while connected to an outlet. Just ensure you stay in a country or area where there are no constant power failures. This would prevent you from losing unsaved files. 

For the battery

You can purchase a CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) battery. It is best for a laptop that is constantly off or utilized without the actual battery. Plus, a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor battery is quite cheap to buy. 

Nb- the CMOS Battery retains the basic input/output system (BIOS) settings in the computer’s motherboard. Ensure the wires are perfectly connected. The connection might seem very easy and clear, but one of the reasons why a laptop won’t power on is due to the wrong electrical power settings. 

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Method 2

Check for the screen issues

If the electrical power is functioning, troubleshooting the laptop would be the next option. However, to troubleshoot your laptop, heed the steps below.

Step 1

Unlink all the unimportant exterior display unit stereopticon and TVs to ensure they are not interrupting the laptop startup.

Step 2

If you turn on the laptop and the fans and other components are working but the screen isn’t displaying, switch off your room’s light to check if there is any icon showing slightly.

Step 3 

If you can see the laptop’s icon slightly showing, the issue is from the screen’s inverter. You would have to purchase a new screen inverter.(Read Also:Does Bluetooth Headphones Drain A battery?)

Step 4

The laptop’s adaptive brightness might have been damaged. However, if you switch on your laptop and there is no icon showing, the liquid crystal display (LCD) panel is spoiled. You might have to purchase a new laptop if it is old. 

Method 3

Examine the disk drive

The disk drive could be the reason why your laptop won’t turn on. If you just fixed a new memory kit, the problem could be with the boot. So, disconnect, refix the memory kit and reboot your laptop.

Sadly, the disk drive in your laptop could fail and you might not be able to repair it. If you can hear a ticking sound or a rotating drive but shutting down, this is an obvious hint that your disk drive is failing. In some cases, this situation means you would have to change the disk drive. 

Nb- it is advisable to have an external flash drive to save your data. This would prevent you from losing your data when the in-built disk drive is faulty.(Read Also:Will An Asus Laptop Work Without A Battery? )

Method 5

Restart your laptop on safe mode

If your laptop won’t power on, you can still get it to work in safe mode. The safe mode would grant you access to delete programs or files that could be interfering with your laptop’s power on. You can also create a new user ID if the first one is corrupted. 

Does a dead battery affect a laptop?

No, a dead battery cannot affect a laptop’s performance – it would just reduce its lifespan. It could also damage your laptop’s hard drive with the leaking acid.(Read Also:How Do Battery Chargers Know When To Stop?)

You can keep utilizing your laptop with a dead battery if it is connected to a direct alternating current. However, it is important to charge up your battery to a full percent for your laptop to work perfectly. 

If you choose to use your laptop without a battery, you have to be sure there won’t be any power failure to prevent you from losing your files.

This is because if the electricity goes off for a minute, your laptop would also turn off. It is always advisable to have an extra battery in case your initial laptop battery gets damaged. Technically, laptop batteries were built to last a year or two after use, and the more you charge up your battery the more the lifespan reduces. (Read Also:Why Does Battery Voltage Drop Under Load?)

Changing your battery after a year is best, this would help you prevent battery failure. Plus, you would be certain when your laptop has issues that the fault is not from the battery.

Although, we have seen several cases whereby new laptop batteries don’t last up to a month, however, this is because they are not the right battery for your laptop. So, it is important to know the kind of battery your laptop uses, to prevent you from spending an extra amount of money on a new battery after a month. 

Once your laptop battery starts showing you signs like overheating, discharging, failure to charge, or warning signs, it is important to act faster on it.

Using the battery with all the obvious symptoms would include further damage to your laptop. If this happens, you would have to spend an unbudgeted amount of money for your laptop repairs. 

For you to enjoy your laptop for a long time, ensure all of the components like the hardware, battery, memory unit, etc are operating appropriately. However, if any issues arise and you are unable to repair them, ensure you seek the help of a professional technician. Doing this would help you avoid causing further damage to your device. 

Will A Bad Battery Keep A Laptop From Turning On – Conclusion 

Will a bad battery keep a laptop from turning on? If you have a bad battery, your laptop or device would not turn on, and it could damage some other components in your laptop. Once you notice this, you must discard the battery. You can also continue your work by plugging in your laptop to an alternating current. 

I’ve listed the reasons why your laptop might not turn on, aside from a bad battery. Ensure you take note of them and heed the solutions provided. Kindly put down further questions or suggestions in the comment section below

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