Will An Asus Laptop Work Without A Battery? 

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There has been a situation whereby you have to get some official work done, but your laptop starts acting up, making it seem like you won’t complete the task.

Starting from your scanner not working when you have to scan some documents, to your mobile device charger malfunctioning when your phone’s battery is critically low, a lot of nerve tormenting occurrences do happen.

In actual fact, most people have been in a situation whereby their laptop battery runs down and stops working while working on a vital assessment.

This would leave them to search fervently for other device alternatives to complete their assessment. However, what if it was practicable for your laptop to function without a battery? “Will an Asus laptop work without a battery?’

Yes, an Asus laptop can work without a battery. This laptop model does not utilize surplus power as it receives when it’s charging. This is because the Asus laptop is not a high-end gaming brand. Technically, almost all laptops can run without a battery.

You can simply remove the laptop battery, use a charger adapter, and ensure the laptop is connected to a direct AC. This applies to the Asus laptop as well. The battery is in-built. However, if it stops working, you can leave the battery inside, charge the laptop with an adapter, and keep using your laptop. 

Although, some Asus laptops won’t function without a battery – If the battery is faulty, you would have to replace the battery for the laptop to work.

For instance, the Asus F555L does not work without a battery, you would have to change the battery for this model to operate. Some old laptop models also would not work without a battery. 


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Is it okay to run a laptop without a battery?

Yes, it is okay to use a laptop without a battery. Although you have to ensure the laptop is connected to an alternating current. If you disconnect it, the laptop would shut down immediately. Unlike when you have a battery connected to your laptop, it would still keep running when you unplug it from the power.

Regardless, it is completely okay to work with your laptop without a battery. Technically, the actual reason why a battery was included in a laptop component is to provide compactness. Aside from compactness, the battery was included to store charge for later use.

However, if you don’t find the battery needed, or if you don’t have a new battery when your laptop’s battery is low, you can go with this option. If your laptop’s battery is very low, or it is not charging, it is better to disconnect the battery from the laptop, while you utilize it when connected to a direct current. (Read Also:How Do Battery Chargers Know When To Stop?)

By doing this, you would avert any damage to your laptop from a faulty battery. The risk attached to this option is that you could lose unsaved information, plus, you could also harm some of your laptop’s components. 

This is because if the electricity goes off, the laptop would shut down immediately.  For instance, electricity is bound to go off for some minute globally. However, if you live in an area or a country where this is rampant, then it is advisable to use your laptop with a battery. This is to prevent you from losing your files.

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Will a laptop work with a dead battery?

Yes, a laptop will work with a dead battery, as long as it is connected to a power adapter. Note that some laptops would reboot without the battery connected. Although some laptops would need a partly charged battery to start, I would be listing some things needed for a laptop to start perfectly. 

Restarting from alternating current only

Some laptops can restart with just an alternating current power connection, even when the battery is down. However, if your laptop does not restart with alternating current power, ensure you have the appropriate power wire and examine if the cable is damaged. You can also try using another outlet if the first one is not working. 

Also, disconnect and reset the battery in case the laptop’s connection is wrong or bad. For some laptop brands that need a good battery to restart, you should leave the laptop connected to power for a little period to offer the battery enough power to start the laptop. 

Faulty battery

When a battery is faulty, it can impede the laptop’s restart method. You can attempt to remove the battery and then proceed to start the laptop without it. Some laptop models won’t turn on without a battery connected to the laptop, but most of them would reboot.

If this option does not work, you can try changing your battery with a new one produced for the exact laptop model. (Read Also:Why Does Battery Voltage Drop Under Load?)

 However, if the new battery works, you might have to change your laptop battery. Fortunately, some laptops have a light indicator at the front to know if the battery is charging. So, if you connect your charger to your laptop and the light is still off, you would need to renew your battery. 

Restarting without a battery

Some laptop models can restart or turn on with an alternating current connection and without a battery connected. Most laptops need the presence of a physical battery, even when the battery is critically low or dead.

However, if your laptop starts without a battery, it might not show the right time and date. 

Nonetheless, if your laptop requires a battery to start, it might not turn on if the battery is dead. Ensure you leave your laptop connected to power for some minutes to boot the battery. This would allow you to turn on your laptop. 


How do you revive a dead laptop battery? 

In the store, laptop batteries are quite expensive, so, if you own an old laptop that runs perfectly, spending about $110 for a laptop battery can be quite much right? Fortunately, there are ways, some specialized technicians and other people have come up with to revive a dead laptop battery. Here, I would try to mention all the intriguing methods I know. Let’s get right into the methods. 

Procedure 1 

The cooling process

You can cool your laptop battery to get extra juice from it. Funny enough, I saw a guy in a video removing the low battery of his phone, and putting it in rolled snow, this made it stay longer – Although I’m not sure if that is true. Nonetheless, you can do this cooling process for your laptop battery. The steps are as follows

Step 1

Disconnect your laptop battery, put it in a Ziploc bag or a polyethylene bag. 

Step 2

Proceed by putting either of the bags you used in your refrigerator, leaving it in it for about 10 hours. Although some people recommend that you leave it longer than that, you should leave it for 24 hours. 

Step 3

When you bring it out of the refrigerator, remove the Ziploc bag, and allow the battery to reach room temperature warmth. Ensure you wrap it in a dry cloth or towel, and carefully clean the liquefaction while it warms. 

Step 4

Reconnect the battery in your laptop and charge it fully

Step 5

When it is fully charged, unplug the charger, and let the lottery battery percentage drain down. Ensure you do steps 4 and 5 about 3 times. Make sure your battery charges to 100%and let it discharge. If your laptop battery is draining out acid, ensure you get a bump in the battery status. 

Nb- never do this method on lithium batteries, it would damage the battery more. You can do this on NiCD and NiMH batteries. Ensure you know the kind of battery your laptop uses. 

Procedure 2

Refresh your laptop

If you use a lithium battery, you elongate its lifespan by ensuring your laptop is refreshed or cool. If your laptop gets very hot, it can destroy your laptop battery and reduce its lifespan. You can buy a laptop cooling pad – havit HV-F2056 15.6″-17″ Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad – Slim Portable USB Powered

Procedure 3

Disconnect the battery from your laptop when charging it

If you own a laptop with a detachable battery, you can attempt to disconnect the battery when you plug it into the socket. You would have to try this because not all laptops work perfectly without a battery. Nonetheless, if your laptop is working perfectly and it is connected to a direct alternating current every time, it might be easy to disconnect the battery. (Read Also:Does Bluetooth Drain The Battery On A Laptop?)

If the battery is in the laptop or not, the chemical reaction would remain in it, it could maximize the lifespan of the battery. If your laptop battery is very cool and not overheating when it is connected in, then you would get a long life from your battery. However, you have to ensure you stay in a country or place where the electricity does not go off, to avoid losing any file when your laptop goes off. 

Will An Asus Laptop Work Without A Battery – Conclusion

Will an Asus laptop work without a battery? Ensure your laptop is connected to a good adapter and make sure you have constant electricity. Kindly put down your questions in the comment section below. Cheers!!!

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