Will An Alternator Work Spinning Backward?

Will an alternator work spinning backward

The alternator is a very important component of a car’s engine makeup and one must be sure that every precautionary measure is in place to avoid its damage; but should you be concerned if your alternator begins to spin backward? Will an alternator work spinning backward? Yes, your alternator will work perfectly if it spins … Read more

Will A Bad Battery Cause Bad Gas Mileage?

Will A Bad Battery Cause Bad Gas Mileage

Everyone is looking for ways to save money on everything possible, and fuel consumption is no different. There have been some pertinent questions regarding the effect of bad batteries on gas mileage which have led to some asking “will a bad battery cause bad gas mileage?” Yes, a bad battery can cause bad gas mileage. … Read more

Does Bluetooth Keyboard Drain Battery?

Does Bluetooth Keyboard Drain Battery

Bluetooth technology has really helped to evolve how we enjoy our gadgets and appliances, and as such, we now have a smarter way of using stuff without having to necessarily move them around. The computer keyboard is not left out as the Bluetooth version ensures that one can type from any point of the room … Read more